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Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is free and open-source media streaming software that offers versatility and great performance. Kodi works with major platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS. It allows you to watch movies, play music and podcasts, record live TV and more, while offering advanced customization options. Content can be streamed from the internet or you can accessed media stored locally.

What makes Kodi a remarkable media player is the flexibility and quality that it provides. It can be easily customized to meet your needs and the add-ons available allow you to modify the interface, make small adjustments or boost the functionality of Kodi to an impressive extent. There is a myriad of add-ons for Kodi and different ways to install them. You can access the add-ons repository through the “Get Add-ons” option. Alternatively, it is possible to download the .zip file and select “Install from zip file”. If you are not sure what add-ons you should get, below list will help as it includes a selection of the best.

Here are the best add-ons we found for Kodi

Add-on Installer for Kodi

This may be the first option that you need since it allows you to browse, install, update and manage add-ons from one place. The Add-on installer will help you to get started and you can obtain and have centralized control over plugins available in the repositories.


Based in Ajax web interface, this add-on enables you to control the audio and video function of Kodi. You can browse media, play, pause, stop or add it to a playlist. A web browser that supports Javascript and web sockets is required.


There may be other video streaming platforms, but YouTube is still highly popular, so an add-on for it is a must-have for Kodi users. The add-on lets you use all the functions supported in YouTube such as subscribing to channels, selecting favorites and browsing content. Unavailable videos are automatically filtered out to save you time and hassle.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio gives you the key to over 100,000 radio stations and more than 4 million podcasts. With this add-on for Kodi, you can enjoy this popular radio and podcast service with high quality.


If you love music, this is an add-on that can’t be missing from your Kodi experience. It offers support for popular services like iTunes, Last.fm, Digster and 8tracks. It also includes US and UK billboard charts, as well as a search option and recommendations. Keep in mind that in order to use MusicBox, you need to create an account in VK.com. If you are looking for a dedicated Spotify add-on, try Spotimc.

CU LRC Lyrics

Another option designed for music fans, this add-on lets you find the lyrics of your favorite songs. It supports LRC and regular lyrics and it can search lyrics from files, scrape them from third-party services or synchronized/un-synchronized lyrics.

ROM Collection Browser

If gaming is your thing, you may want to give this add-on a try. It lets you browse your ROM collection and play emulated games. Setting it up is not complicated, you just need to direct it to your collection. ROM Collection Browser scrapes art cover and metadata online, filters by different categories, imports games to local database and more.


Here is another great option for gaming fans. Twitch lets you watch how expert players tackle popular games with impressive skills. You can also watch videos and broadcast from gaming tournaments and find the latest updates. With this add-on, you will be able to enjoy content from Twitch using Kodi.


AnimeFTW.tv gives you access to a great collection of anime that includes over 750 titles. The content can be streamed with high-quality using H264 or DivX. There is an impressive selection of movies, series and OVAs to keep you entertained.

TV Guide

This is a practical add-on for Kodi users as it helps you to avoid having to switch between channels until your find something you want to watch. It simply does what it says but it does it well, it provides an overview of what’s on TV.


SportsDevil is perfect for sport fans who don’t want to miss live events and matches of their favorite leagues. It includes a wide selection of sources for different sports and the content is updated every day. International events are available and the quality of the streams goes between 480p and 720p.


SALTS stand for Stream All the Sources and it is one of the most popular alternatives to Genesis, a streaming focused add-on that is no longer supported. Like Genesis, SALTS allows you to stream movies and TV shows from a wise selection of sources. It goes through several lists of links to find content that can be streamed via Kodi. SALTS also supports Real-Debrid, a premium downloader that lets you stream content with high-quality. SALTS offers features like library integration and the option to keep track of your watch list. SALTS’ content can be synced to the Kodi video library.


Following the steps of Genesis, Exodus is an add-on that searches different sources to bring you content that can be streamed using Kodi. The interface is quite similar to Genesis, although Exodus offers advanced features and improved performance. The downside is that it doesn’t have library integration & favorites. However, it also supports Real-Debrid and Trakt.tv. It is compatible with Kodi Isengard and higher.


Navi-X is a well-established Kodu add-on that works as a content aggregator that includes some of the functionality of Genesis. It scrapes a selection of links, but also pulls content from user contributed playlists. The selection of content is vast and apart from movies and TV shows, you will be able to get access to podcasts and live streams.


Originally called LetMeWatchThis, 1Channel or PrimeWire as it is also known, includes thousands of movies and TV shows. Although the selection is extensive, it should be kept in mind that the quality and accessibility of the links may vary as they are provided by other users.

Watch 1080p

Launched recently, this add-on from the Metal Kettle repository is ideal for those who won’t settle for anything less than high video quality. While there are some movie streaming sources in 480p, the vast majority of the content is in 720p and 1080p quality from different direct and highly reliable sources. Movies are categorized according to popularity and years. You can find movies from around the world and a search option is also available.


Developed by Blaze Tamer, Phoenix is an add-on that gives you the possibility of enjoying live TV streams without having to deal with geographical restrictions. It finds lists of streams and brings you channels from around the world. You can enjoy sports, news, music and more.


From the same developer as Phoenix, Velocity is another add-on that gives you the possibility of watching TV shows and movies from different sources including GVIDEO. You can find 1080p movies and enjoy fantastic streaming speeds. It supports Real-Debrid support and Trakt integration, which means that you can manage your watch list and favorite content without hassle. There is also a version designed specifically to get content suitable for children called Velocity Kids.


If you are struggling to understand what is being said due to the volume or simply due to the language, you can rely on this add-on. It searches the database of Open-subtitles to find the relevant option. In case you don’t find what you need, there are other options for the similar purpose, including Subscene, Titlovi, Divxplanet and Podnapisi.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is not the only weather forecasting add-on available, but it is one of the most convenient options and it offers detailed information. Similar options include Met Office and Oz Weather.

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