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10 Twitter Bots that you need to follow

Twitter allows users to discuss a variety of subjects, find out what is happening around the world and interact with other users, including politicians, athletes, scientists and celebrities. Pretty much everyone uses Twitter these days and the social media platform gives you the possibility of discovering different views about trending topics and to find witty comments from other users. Twitter is very popular, but not everyone behind the tweets that you read every days is actually a human being. There are programs known as Twitterbots, which are designed to post tweets, follow random users automatically and complete other common actions. Twitterbots are often seen as spam, but the truth is that some of them are actually very practical and even funny. If you want to find out what the best Twitter bots have to say, check our list of the ones that deserve to be followed.


In art and literature, there are supernatural elements that transform an ordinary setting into something magical. This bot takes that concept and tweets amusing short sentences that combine real world characters and situations, with magical or absurd elements. It is regularly updated with new words and functions so you can expect new and really strange, funny or wonderful ideas.


While we aim to explore the universe and discover all its mysteries, our own planet is still intriguing. This bot allows you to see Earth in all its beauty as it posts images captured by NASA’s DSCOVR satellite. You can see the time and location when the picture was captured. The images are very similar, but they show the Earth from differnet angles and at different times.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art or MET in New York, is one of the most prestigious museums in the world. It has an impressive collection that comprises classic and modern pieces and it holds exhibitions that will amaze visitors. Although this bot is not officially associated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it tweets random high-resolution images from the museum so you can see what the MET offers.


You probably have heard the term Grammar Police before. Well, this bot is in charge of pointing out grammar crimes on Twitter. It alerts users when it finds improper grammar and then it offers a way to correct the errors. Since it is easy to find improper grammar on Twitter, this bot is crucial for social media users and it can help to avoid some common errors.


One of the best things about Twitter is that it allows people to be creative and to share smart, inspiring, funny and very unique thoughts in just a few words. If you are into poetry, you can find a great collection of tweets in one place by following pentametron. This bot uses Iambic pentameter metric line to find tweets that match the criteria and then it retweets them. You can find short, but very interesting tweets with the help of this bot.


Natural disasters such as earthquakes can be devastating, but prevention and awareness can help to reduce their impact. This bot is designed to tweet about earthquakes that are 5.0 or over on the Richter Scale, as they happen. It takes data from the United States Geological Survey.


Nowadays there are many advanced websites and web browsers that can handle a lot of features, but things looked very different years ago. If you want to find out what old websites looked like in old browsers, check wayback_exe, a unique Twitterbot that generates screenshots that let you see old websites in old browsers. It tweets every two hours and it gathers data from the Wayback Machine.


For many of us, reading the news is an important part of our morning routine. A good headline will make sure that we read the full news story, but what happens when two headlines are combined to create something that is really confusing. Well, as you will see when you start following TwoHeadlines, the result is quite funny. This bot combines headlines of unrelated topics and tweets crazy headlines that can make you laugh, or at least smile.


Netflix regularly adds new content to its library, but it can be hard to keep track of what is available. If you want to stay updated with the latest releases and know what you want to watch on Netflix, you just need to follow netflix_bot. It tweets about the new TV shows, movies, specials and documentaries that are available on Netflix. Netflix-bot tweets updates every morning.


Hundred Zeros gives you the chance to find the best free eBooks available on Amazon. Although the account hasn’t tweeted in a while, you can still find links to some of the best eBooks on Amazon or simply visit the website where you will find a great collection of options in different genres.

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