Logitech’s Pop Home Switch can control your entire smart home

Logitech, a company, known for universal remotes encrusted with physical keys, touch display and other types of interaction option has unveiled a new device called the Pop Home Switch, which allows users to control their entire smart home by use of a single device. The gadget connects to a hub that plugs into an outlet via Bluetooth LE. The hub supports a variety of smart home devices including Phillips Hue lights, August locks, Lutron smart drapes, Harmony Hub among others. By simply using a companion app either on iOS or Android you can scan your WI-FI network for compatible devices and then tie these devices to one or more pop for simplified control.

The Pop Home Switch which is a large button about the size of a human palm can be programmed to perform three different things per device. It can be pressed, double pressed and long pressed to trigger separate actions. Users can, for instance, pop to turn their Phillips Hue light on and off, set it to dim the brightness and activate just a single room or group. For people who want additional flexibility, they can add more Pops. The starter pack comes with two and a hub though additional pops can be added to the same hub.

The pop Home Switch comes in four different colors to help individuals keep track of which controls a specific action. Part of why Logitech wants to stick with a simple hardware solution is because of the growing number of apps associated with the smart home control. Every time you purchase a smart device from a different manufacturer, you need to add a new app to your collection. Neil Raggion, the Senior Director of Home Control, pointed out in an interview that even when you are using smart home hub software for instance Homekit, having service tied to a phone is still an issue.

The pop home switch will start arriving later in the month, with its price varying depending on the number of pops you prefer. A starter pack will retail at $100, while an add-on switch will need an additional $40.

Featured Image credit:techhive

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