Denso New System Aims to Fight Drowsiness in Drivers with a Shot of Cold Air

The probability of drowsiness while driving and the occurrence of accidents happening are very high. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approximates that 100,000 police reported accidents are caused by fatigue each year. In Australia, it is estimated that around 20% of fatal accidents are caused by fatigue, which results in drowsiness. In the UK, 20% of all crashes are linked to driver fatigue. Denso, a Japanese auto-part manufacturer, is seeking to try and solve this problem by introducing a system that recognizes drowsiness and releases cold air towards the driver with the aim of keeping him/her awake.

Denso system consists of the driver monitor, an inward pointing camera system that uses facial recognition technology to look for signs of drowsiness in the driver. In case it detects, from indications including lowered eyelids or a bobbing head, the system responds by blasting cold air to the base of the driver’s neck. Through this, the drowsiness would probably be reduced.

The system is specifically being developed for Japan, where many people in the rural areas frequently make long drives through maintains. Since Denso ships around the world, it is very possible that the feature will be delivered elsewhere.

Denso is also in the process of creating image recognition based on image processing and deep learning. The main goal behind this is developing surrounding monitoring systems the likes of electronic rear view mirror and another support system that use image processing technology. Other instances where image recognition are used to increase traffic safety include cyclist and pedestrian system that are usually linked to the emergency braking system.

The deep learning technology Denso wants to use is through Morpho. It will be used in basic research for automated driving. The two companies have already agreed on shares subscription with Denso subscribing to all new share issued by Morpho.

Featured Image Credit: automotive-eetimes


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