Sexbots Will Soon Be a Reality That the World Will Find Difficult to Deal With

Scientists have already said that sexbots will be available by the year 2050, a period when human-robot marriage could start being common. The popularity of sexbots has been on a rise as their realism continues to improve. A top robotics scientist has warned that cyborgs will revolutionize sex, and we will quickly be hooked to them.

Joel Snell, an expert in robots from Kirkwood College in Iowa notes that since the robots could be programmable to each one’s requirement, meaning meeting the needs of every user, we will easily become hooked to them. Another factor making them obsessive is the fact that they will always be available and could never say no. Snell, also points out that they could be better at sex then humans. He notes that just like other technologies that have replaced human endeavors, robots have a high probability of surpassing human technique.

Snell’s theory of on-demand sex machine with intelligence is an issue campaigner have raised in the past. The primary concern streams from whether it is okay to create an A.I powered device that lacks the ability to choose. Anti-robot campaigners have rejected this personification of the machine arguing that  A.I just like the rest of the robot confuses inanimate object for real beings. Some sex therapists have even argued that there is nothing we can do to prevent sexbots.

An academic paper published by Michelle Mars and Ian Yeoman, titled Robots, men and sex tourism, notes that by 2050 we should expect Amsterdam’s red light district to be all robots. The district will be all about Android prostitute who don’t’ have sexually transmitted infections. Amsterdam’s city council will have direct control over the sexbots, regulating their hours of operations, prices, and sexual services.

Dr. Kathleen Richardson, a  researcher in the ethics of robotics, notes that Humans will have to be very careful when using robots as it could lead to isolation. He explains that once people are told they don’t need other people, one of the consequences is isolation.

Sex therapist Gurpreet Singh believes that robot love could be liberating for humans. He notes that individuals who have sex with robot should not be judged. He indicates that sex robot could work in the same way when couples introduce a toy into a sexual relationship.

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