SanDisk Is Working on a 1TB Memory Card

SanDisk has just announced that it is working on a memory card with a one-terabyte storage capacity. For many, this is way too high but for those involved in shooting 4K video with an action camera, SLR or drone, it is entirely necessary. 4K videos with a resolution of at least 3840*2160 pixel would require large storage, in some instances more than 3.5GB per minute at a standard rate of 30 frames per second. With the dropping price of 4K TVs and video producers preferring them due to the sharpness and latitude, the extra pixel affords when they create an ordinary 1080p video many individuals are adopting them.

Western Digital, the SanDisk owner, pointed out during the announcement that 16 years ago they introduced their first 64 megabyte SD card. Two years ago they unveiled a 512GB card, which was at that time the world’s largest. Dinesh Bahal, the vice president of the company, noted that over the years, their primary goal had remained the same; to continue innovating and setting the pace for the imaging industry. The 1 TB prototype represents another significant achievement as growth of content and capacity-intensive application including video surveillance, virtual reality, and 3D videos are progressing at astounding rate

The company showed the SDXC prototype at the Photokina show for photography enthusiast and indicated that it plans to sell the card as a product, though not revealing additional details e.g. the price or release date. Normally, high-capacity cards don’t have top speeds when reading and writing data, though, for the 4K video, they will need to keep up with fast data rate. SanDisk upcoming cards are expected to carry the Extreme Pro brand and UHS-I rating that denotes high performance suitable for 4K video. SanDisk’s 512 GB card has a maximum writing speed of 95 megabytes per second.

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