128GB iPhone 6 now half off at eBay

Here at Aptgadget, we love consuming ourselves with what’s next down the pipeline, and it’s easy for us to sometimes forget that some consumers delay purchasing the latest smartphones because they realize that, give it 6 months, and their favorite smartphone will be available for a much more affordable price than it is now. Of course, Apple’s iPhone 6 didn’t drop in price as quickly as say, the new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, will drop, but the 128GB iPhone 6 is not a model that many can afford to purchase outright. Back in 2014 when Apple announced it, just affording the 16GB model was expensive. I read somewhere that a tech enthusiast/journalist went out and purchased 2 new 128GB iPhone 6 models for he and his wife, then one for each of their two children — ages 4 and 9. What 4-year-olds and 9-year-olds need a 128GB iPhone 6 for, I’ll never know. I can only say that I wish I’d been his child back at age 4 and 9.

Well, this beloved iPhone 6, responsible for the 4.7-inch display, and the first iPhone to have a Plus model released alongside of it, is now on discount at eBay. If you’re a storage-hungry user who wants to have as many of your photos and music on your phone as possible, we have a deal for you. EBay is offering the 128GB iPhone 6 for $399.99, 53% off the original price (in other words, the original model had a retail price of somewhere north of 700 large ones).

For those who need a refresher, the 128GB iPhone 6 will come with (aside from the obvious 128GB of internal storage) a 4.7-inch, LCD display (welcome to the big screen era for those with an iPhone 5s or earlier) with a 640p screen resolution, Apple’s very own dual-core, A8 processor with the M8 motion coprocessor for mobile gaming and fitness, along with Apple’s signature 8MP back camera that seemed as though it would never die (the iPhone 6s with its 12MP back camera, serves as the 8MP back camera killer). 128GB of storage may be more than many consumers have ever purchased, but rest assured, over 100GB of free storage space dying to be used would make any consumer or tech enthusiast happy!

If you’re interested in picking up the 128GB iPhone 6, head on over to the source link below and get your long overdue iPhone. Though it’s nearing 2 years old now, the fruit is still sweet.








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