BMW’s Motorcycle of the Future Will Not Require a Helmet

To marks its 100th birthday, BMW has unveiled a number of concept vehicles. The most exciting in the Motorrad vision next 100, is a concept motorcycle that will be so smart that it will not require a helmet or even padded suit. To Achieve this levels of safety, the key will be the introduction of a self-balancing system that will keep the bike upright, whether or not it is in motion. This makes it quite easy for newcomers to use it while pushing the limits further for veterans.

The motorcycle will have a full range of connected data surrounding it alongside a set of intelligent system working in the background. This will enable the bike to know exactly what lies ahead. According to Holger Hampf, the head of BMW Group user experience, by collating data that it has gathered it can suggest ideal lines and banking angles and warn riders of hazards ahead. This information would be displayed through a smart visor, which also blocks winds and displays the information in a display controlled by the rider’s eye movement. This is done to ensure that riders spend more time enjoying open air driving and less time worrying about their speed or even range.

BMW will also be adding a flash style to the bike by introducing a new rider gear. This futuristic suit can warm or cool the user while also providing body support and relief when needed. It does not, however, provide any safety feature since the bike’s intelligent assistance system make it superfluous.

While a self-balancing system could prevent the rider from crashing the bike, it would not protect him/her in many serious collisions, for instance when you are forcefully ejected from the bike. Regulators would still require some kind of helmet, even if it is not cumbersome as what is worn today.

Just like the other Vision Next 100 concept, this bike will not be on the road anytime soon.

Featured Image Credit:pcmag

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