$13 USB Type-C cables for Nexus 6P back in stock

Did you pick up a Nexus 6P recently? As you know, the Huawei Nexus 6P (a Huawei and Google partnership product) comes with USB Type-C charging, which leads to faster data transfer rates (when transferring content from a smartphone to a laptop or PC) as well as reverse charging where both cable ends can work in both directions (no fumbling with cables in the dark anymore).

Google’s Nexus 6P USB Type-C cables were out of stock, but you’ll now be pleased to know that they’re back in the Google Store. The USB Type-C cables from Google will cost $13 each, meaning that you won’t end up paying the $30 or so for them like you will Apple’s Lightning cables. Usually, you can get Apple’s Lightning cables for half price online at Amazon, for example, but Google’s cables are over 50% less in price – meaning that you’ll likely purchase multiples, as cables do experience wear and tear before replacement. The cables are 1 meter long, but it will allow you to connect to USB Type-A ports in the car and with battery packs.

There’s no word on whether or not these USB Type-C cables work with other smartphones such as the OnePlus 2, but OnePlus is also offering its own cables for $5. You may find with OnePlus that Google’s cables are rather overpriced.


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