24me App Review – Complete Personal Assistant with Extended Capabilities

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With untold thousands of applications on the market today, finding the ones that work best for you starts with understanding your needs and simplifying them. 24me is an app designed to make you more efficient and combines it all in one simple display.

But what is 24me? What are the advantages and disadvantages that it offers? Is it right for your particular needs?

What is 24me?

24me is an application that combines your bill-pay reminders, task management, and calendars all in one interface. It is a free application designed to keep track of all your life events as well as that of friends, relatives, and co-workers. It organizes different daily tasks into a simple interface, and provides many different services to help you make the most of your day.

24me can plug into other compatible applications, contact your social networks, and remind you of important bills that are due. You need only spend a few minutes putting in your schedule for the day and 24me does the rest. You can put in automatic, monthly bill reminders as well as birthdays of friends and family.

By syncing 24me with other applications, you will be reminded of your work schedule, such as group meetings and personal tasks. This is designed to be an all-in-one app with a unified user interface which keeps you on top of your day.

24me is well designed and almost minimalist in a way, which adds to its pleasing interface. There is a friendliness that comes across when accessing the app thanks to its color usage of blues and yellows. While not as automated as the EasilyDo app, 24me does offer task management that it does not.

How it Works

When you add a task, you can choose what type it will be such as the following;

  • Call
  • Errand
  • Gift
  • Meet
  • Text

Once the information is entered, it will remain stored in 24me until the date and time arrives for it to remind you of the activity. You can check each event you enter in advance as well just to stay ahead. The interface provides a “call” or “do” button to help you complete the event that you have entered, while a “go” icon is used if you prefer to get map directions to the location where you need to be.

The app provides numerous features and thus, large benefit, for those who lead busy lives.


There are several advantages to 24me, particularly for those who need balance in organizing their daily activities.

Features: There are plenty of features that should suit most people when it comes to staying efficient. This is arguably the most profound advantage of 24me, since it is designed for the busy multi-tasker.

Connect to Personal and Social Information: 24me puts you in touch with your contacts, TaskRabbit and social media networks such as Facebook. This means that you can tie together all of your separate contacts into one location and update them all at once. This can be very advantageous to small business owners who have multiple social networks to update as well as average folks who want to keep track of friends, family and co-workers.

Bill-Pay Reminder: Arguably the most important aspect of all, the bill pay reminder is one that will save you from missing an important bill that may go unnoticed or neglected during your busy day. Many people who use 24me do so for this very purpose, as it acts as the perfect backstop to avoid missing an important bill.

Pleasing Interface: A little busy, but a very effective interface design is better than most similar products that can be found. For those who need an attitude boost during the day, this interface may very well be the answer.


There are relatively few disadvantages in using this particular app, especially if you are looking for something simple and straightforward in terms of task management assistance. However, there are a few small issues that you should take into account.

Fewer Automated Tasks: When compared to similar apps, 24me does not offer as many automated features and limits the potential of this app. While some can live without additional features, there are the busier among us that could use them.

Busy Interface: A delicate balance must be struck between creating an efficient and attractive design. Unfortunately, 24me is a little too busy, and accessing all its features can be a little confusing at times.

In addition, you cannot add multiple tags to a particular task which not only limits but may cause some confusion if you have more than one entry that needs to be assigned to a particular event.


What’s not to like about 24me? It offers all the features that you expect in a pleasing interface while reminding you when important bills are due. It can best be described as part task manager and part personal assistant as it keeps track of bills, reminds you of birthdays and events, and completes your to-do list for each day as well.

24me is easy to install, simple to update, and effective at its purpose. While its interface is a little too busy, most people will have little trouble using 24me since it provides everything you need to stay productive.

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