7 Things to Look for in a Good Sample Essay

Ideally, students should write their academic papers from scratch with no external help. But unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and things are often different from what they should be.

Writing assignments are among the most difficult for students of all academic levels, thus many learners have serious problems when they try to do such tasks on their own. Writing centers at schools and essay writing guides from the do my assignment services on the internet are supposed to help – but sometimes they fail, too.

The reason they don’t help is usually that some students learn best from example. For such learners, the perfect option is to get a sample essay. And here again, there are various ways to do it.

Some of the most popular options are to:

  • Search for free papers on Google;
  • Look for examples on professional writing services’ pages – Paperwriter, for instance, provides many free research paper writer samples that you can use for reference;
  • Order a custom sample essay from a trustworthy writing service. 

Whatever way you choose, it’s important to know what you should look for in a sample paper in order to pick the best reference example possible. So, use our checklist below to find this out! 

  1. The Text Is Relevant to the Topic

First and foremost, read the full text and determine how to write a cause and effect essay and if it adheres to the given topic. To do that, read the topic attentively and decide which questions it poses. These questions are the ones that should be answered in the text. 

Oftentimes, students and unprofessional writers don’t pay enough attention to understanding the exact topic they are given. The result is usually that they misinterpret it and write an essay about something completely different without even knowing it. Obviously, you can’t use such an example if you want to get a high grade! 

  1. The Thesis Statement Is Clear

A clearly formulated thesis statement is the key element of any academic paper. It introduces the topic to the readers and gives a preview of what you’re going to discuss later in your essay, so it can’t be underestimated. 

Thus, if a thesis statement is vague and ambiguous, or it lacks a hook that can instantly capture the readers’ attention, chances are that the rest of the text will lose its meaning altogether. Because how can you explain or defend something that’s not clearly formulated in the first place?

  1. The Text Is Properly Structured 

You probably know that a good essay should adhere to a specific structure, be it the traditional five paragraphs or anything else. That’s why it’s necessary to write an outline before you start writing an academic paper – and sample essay writers should do it too! 

So, make sure that the paragraphs in the paper you’re going to use are in the right place – an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. They all should be clearly identifiable in the text – otherwise, it’s not an academic paper at all. 

  1. The Arguments Are Logical and Persuasive

Next comes the logic. When reading the arguments, make sure that they are logical and relevant, and relate directly to the initial topic. The latter is the most important of all because if they don’t relate, the essay just falls apart completely. 

To determine how good the arguments are, try to beat them with your counterarguments. Can you do that easily? If yes, then you might need to look for a better example with more persuasive arguments.

  1. All References are Relevant and Correct

One can’t write a good paper without using multiple sources as evidence and support for their arguments. But many forget to reference these sources properly, and sometimes even pass the ideas they find in these sources off as their own. 

This is obviously not a good thing to do. So, if you see that there are too few references in a sample paper, it might be because the sources are just not cited properly. Then, such an essay is not a good example to follow.

On the contrary, if you see that every citation is in its place, formatted in the right way, and referenced in the appropriate section, it usually means that the paper was written by a professional who knows how to put together a decent paper.  

  1. The Text Is Coherent and Seamless

One more important feature of a well-written paper is its overall coherence and readability. In other words, it means that there should be no visible seams between the paragraphs. The text should flow easily and naturally despite having a clear structure.

This coherence is usually achieved by using transition words and sentences between paragraphs. So, look for them in a sample essay and don’t forget to keep them in your own re-written version.  

  1. It Is Grammatically Correct

Finally, the essay you use as a sample should contain no errors, though of course you’re not supposed to pass a sample essay for your own. You’ll need to re-write, revise, and proofread it anyway – but still, we strongly recommend you avoid sample papers that contain grammar, punctuation, or/and spelling errors.

The reason is simple: professional authors, like those from CustomEssayMeister, automatically write with minimum errors and inevitably corrects whatever ones were accidentally made. No professional writer will ever submit a paper that doesn’t meet the highest academic standards.

So, if you find a paper online that has lots of mistakes in it, it’s definitely a red flag and a signal that it was written by an amateur.


Not all students are naturally born writers, and many dread writing papers more than any other academic assignment. But there’s actually no reason to panic, as there are always more ways than one to deal with the task.

If writing an original paper from scratch seems too intimidating, you can as well use a ready essay as an example. However, in this case, it’s vital to pick the right sample – otherwise, you might get into even more trouble. To avoid this scenario, save our checklist and never forget to use it when choosing a sample essay!

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