A city car defying conventions

As most cities increasingly advocate for urban cars, we are witnessing different manufacturer coming up with unique designs. The conventions of these cars are that they are smaller and a bit smarter following the design and manufacturing of their bulkier brethren. A Russian car company by the name Mirrow has set out to defy the odds and design a state of the art, small yet spacious city car that can accommodate up to four people. The Provocator offer SUV experience practically in a small version.

Measuring 8.86 ft. ( 2.7 m) long and 6.5 ft. (1.98 m) wide the Provocator is almost as wide as Mercedes GLE but has the same length as a Smart for two, taking up nearly half the space on parking lots and roads as conventional vehicles. The vehicle has maximized in the interior space offering a comfortable and spacious setting. It has borrowed aircraft space planning with seats on either side of a dividing center aisle and the main door.

The amount of internal space is astounding when considering the vehicle’s tiny dimensions. The vehicle itself can even be turned into a food truck. It high ceiling and spacious interior provide room to install a small-scale professional kitchen in the back while the rear door can be set as an invitation for customers. The Provocator can also be turned into family SUV or Taxi.

The car has abandoned the four conventional doors along the sides and embraced one central rear door that gives access to a wide, aircraft-style central aisle. The car also features small openings on the side though only meant for emergency use e.g. when the rear door is damaged. The basic version of this car will feature seat belts with three to four attachment points to ensure security.

To ensure maximum safety, they engineers have abandoned the traditional metals that can be dangerous during accidents and embraced the use of lightweight and inexpensive polymers that provide strength and structure while also absorbing impact energy. The car’s motor has been positioned in line with the center aisle, making it less likely to cause harm to passengers in case of a crash.

Mirrow has pointed out that Provocator will be in two versions. For the traditional experience, Mirrow notes that there are turbocharged 1.5-liter diesel and petrol engines available. There will also be a hybrid and electric version offering up to 400 km of range.

The price of the provocator is expected to start at US$3981 though Mirrow has noted that pricing, engine and design specifications should be available within the year.


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