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In a globalized world our lives revolve around technology. Internet access has become synonymous with connecting to the world, and without it we would never have the advancements we have today from near-instantaneous sharing of information. Today, we can search for answers to any question, and find answers, faster than we ever imagined possible.

That’s where AptGadget comes in. By being a platform for people around the world to come and find information, we at AptGadget aim to provide a little something to everybody. Whether its games, phones or even appliances, we do our best to be on the forefront of independent news and reviews when it comes to tech. We have a mixed variety of guides, tutorials, and reviews to help users navigate their way around the use of new hardware and apps.

With the speed at which new tools and advancements are delivered, there is an endless need for content creators to share their knowledge online. By combining full-time staff members with freelance writers, we are able to constantly have a fresh approach while still maintaining a high standard of quality. This allows us to take advantage of the different perspectives and cultures of our writers, making sure that everything we post stays relevant to you.

As an independent site, we pride ourselves on being able to adjust and adapt to the times. We can quickly implement new ideas. Most importantly, we believe in our philosophy: High quality content covering a wide range of topics and using the experience, knowledge and perspectives of our staff. We hope that you find something interesting while browsing our archives, and feel free to drop us a note with any suggestions or review requests. Our team is always eager to collaborate and cover the newest products on the market.

The Team
Alex Peris – Editor-in-Chief

Alex first broke into the tech industry after accepting a job at Electronic Arts, within their Mobile division. At the time, mobile devices were far from complex accessories we all carry today. “I still think back in amazement how we witnessed firsthand the revolution in mobile computing,” he recalls. “In just a few years we went from flip phones that ran J2ME and BREW all the way to iOS and Android. It really was revolutionary. Suddenly gaming on a smartphone was more than just an afterthought, it became one of the centerpieces of a good smartphone.” In addition to kicking off his love of tech it proved to be the first steps towards a specialization in mobility that would shape his career for many years to come. Notable games Alex has worked on include Madden, FIFA, Tetris, The Sims, Scrabble, Need for Speed, The Simpsons, and many others.

Beyond AptGadget, he currently finds himself employed by a large IT firm helping to design, optimize, and run some of the best-known sites on the internet; once again, with an emphasis on mobility and responsive design. “It’s really fascinating. In some ways we’ve just witnessed the second mobile revolution as mobile sites went from being totally ignored, to being an afterthought, to now becoming the top priority for someone’s digital presence. More and more sites are going fully responsive, and now a days there really is no excuse for not optimizing for mobility anymore,” he mused.

In his spare time he loves listening to music, attending concerts, playing games (both of the video and board variety), food, movies, books, comics, scotch, researching tech and gadgets, making videos, and discussing science in it’s various iterations. Some of his favorite topics include futurism, cosmology, astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and psychology. Finally, like any good netizen, he can find joy in simpler pleasures like fail videos, animals being funny, or anyone displaying some insane talent you’ve never even thought of trying to become good at.

Albert Bassili – Managing Editor

Starting off studying Physics and Music, he ended up leaving university to following his true passion: writing and the tech industry, more specifically games. He got his first knock at the professional writing life by getting some published articles on an MMO gaming site and never looked back. He has reviewed or written about a wide range of topics within the tech industry, from hardware, such as monitors and PC accessories, to software, such as video games.

Content writing is not his only joy, with creative writing playing a big part in his professional life. Over the course of his career, Albert has had the great pleasure and honor to have a published story as well as working as a creative writer in a few video games. Not only that, but he’s also worked as a designer for game mechanics.

Finally, Albert has also had a large amount of experience as a copy editor. Similarly, he’s worked both as a content curator as well as content director on video-game and tech related websites. As somebody responsible for content that attracts users, he’s always working towards staying abreast of technology.

Deidre Richardson – Senior Editor

e1e42d60771a80c76b5c49676740c1feA long standing writer on AptGadget; Deidre Richardson (dual B.A., History and Music, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) stumbled upon tech a little later in life than expected. After picking up her first smartphone (the Galaxy S3), the rest is history. She currently writes for SamMobile, the largest Samsung fan site worldwide. Her passion and knowledge for smartphones and mobile technology has allowed her to help online communities learn all about their favorite devices.D eidre’s detailed phone reviews are a testament to how much care she puts into her daily testing. A great source for the latest news and rumors surrounding the newest developments in the field.

Our Writers

Aptgadget now counts dozens of regular writers, video producers, and content creators from around the globe. Based in Canada, we now collaborate with teams in North America and Europe. If you think you have what it takes to contribute to AptGadget, please send us an email with your content ideas, and you too can be part of the team.[/wpsm_accordion_section]

Write For Us

We currently pay writers per article. The pay rate is decided by our team based on the amount of work we judge necessary to complete a said piece of content. At this time, we only accept original and unique content ideas. Here are some types of articles and videos we like:

  • Tutorials of any kind relating to technology.
  • Product reviews that you own, software and hardware. Must be able to provide your own high quality images and pictures of the product.
  • Do-It-Yourself guides on building, repairing, or creating just about anything for personal and home use.

We do not accept any form of the following types of posts:

  • Recycled or duplicate content already published elsewhere.
  • Guest posts regarding any kind of promotion, links, products, sales, fake reviews.
  • We do not sell promotional guest posts or any type of related requests.

E-mail Address:

info@aptgadget.com – or you can use our contact form.

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