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How to access Facebook full Desktop version on your mobile

While Facebook has mobile apps that allow you to access your profile, post and more, many users still prefer to access the website using their browsers instead. The desktop version allows you to use all the features that Facebook provides but unfortunately, when you try to access the full website on your mobile you can experience difficulties. You may be wondering if there is a simple way to open the desktop version of Facebook on your mobile and thankfully, the answer is yes and here, you will find the solution. Accessing the desktop version of Facebook will allow you to easily use features like Event notifications, App notifications and you will be able to manage Gropius seamlessly.

With the help of Opera Mini or Opera Mini Next, you will be able to enjoy all the options supported by the desktop version of Facebook. Opera Mini is a convenient mobile browser that offers great functionality and you can download it from the official or from the App Store or Google Play. The steps that we will share below work with any version of Opera Mini. Here is what you need to do in order to open the desktop version of Facebook on your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Open the Opera Mini browser and go to Facebook and log in to your account
  2. Open your profile page next to the Home tab. Then log out
  3. You will see a regular Facebook log in page. Now you just need to go back by clicking on back button or press right hand soft key on your mobile. This will open a cached version of your Profile page. Then log out again. It is very important to complete this process.
  4. Next you will see a Facebook Login Page with an error message that says “You Must Login First”.
  5. Enter your login details on the page where the “You Must Login First” message appears and click on log in. This will take you to the full desktop version of Facebook on your mobile.

You will be able to see your profile, using the Your Profile option that appears on the right side at the top of the Facebook home page.

Alternatively, you can simply go to on your browser and you will get access Facebook’s full desktop view.

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