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How to Add Music to your Snaps in Snapchat

Snapchat is still hugely popular thanks to its convenient and fun features that allow you to send and receive photos without taking up space on your device. Thanks to the Stories option, you can share with others images about your day. Many people want to add their favorite song as the perfect companion to their snaps and now, this option is available in Snapchat. You can make your snaps more lively with great music playing in the background. Previously, it wasn’t possible to add music to your snaps, but now you can play music while you are recording your snap, without losing the audio.

Here you will find out how you can add music to your snaps. It can be a bit challenging since Snapchat starts recording any audio that is playing on your device, as soon as you press record. Before recording the snap, you need to queue up the right section. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Launch the app that you use to stream music and choose the song you want to play in the background of your snap.
  2. Select the part of the song that you want to play and then pause it to make sure that it is ready.
  3. Open Snapchat.
  4. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Control Center. Then press Play in the music section.
  5. Now you can close Control Center and start recording the snap in Snapchat.
  6. The new snap with music can be posted to your Story or you can send it directly to someone. Keep in mind that the volume of the music depends on how loud the volume is in your iPhone. You can control how loud you want the music to be, by adjusting the volume on the device.

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