Add Text on Video to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Today it is difficult to imagine the interactive content of any modern website without processed and informative video files. In this regard, in recent years, the demand for online editors has greatly increased, which allows you to quickly and without errors assemble a colorful commercial or other media content. Developers and web designers often process videos, glue their different fragments into a single movie, and also overlay music and text. An online platform is presented below in detail, with which you can make almost any caption to a video file, as well as perform any other editing operations.

How does an online video editor work?

Even when a web designer or a simple PC user has finished processing a file, he needs to add text on video, which can be done very simply with the online platform in question, provided that the following sequential algorithm is followed:

·         The online platform in question opens like a regular website through a browser or search bar on the Internet. The user only needs to know the website address or its name by keywords.

·         On the main working screen of the platform that opens, there is an electronic button “Download Video”, which you need to press, then select the required file from the new window and transfer it for uploading to the external servers of the graphic editor.

·         If the user needs to upload several video files, he simply selects the second electronic key “Add” exactly as many times as the content needs to be edited.

·         After uploading, the file needs to be edited using various tools, which are described in detail along with the functionality in other sections. Here, if necessary, several fragments are combined into one clip, and an audio track is superimposed with the required volume level.

·         When the file is fully edited, the user needs to click on the “Add Text” button and a new toolbar will open in front of it, as well as a window with a cursor in which the necessary characters are printed in the selected format, in any language installed on the user’s PC or smartphone.

·         In the text editing window, you need to enter the required words or individual lines. You can also copy the finished text from any text editor. The platform accepts any text and allows you to find and correct grammatical errors.

·         When the text is added, the user must edit it. In this case, the toolbar, has access to such functions as the colors of letters and other symbols, highlighting lines with a marker, sizes, and types of font from the built-in libraries of the platform.

·         The system also allows animated multimedia processing of the entered text, which allows you to create creative video content, advertising, interactive videos, or greetings for loved ones. Here you can also set up subtitles for videos or a running information line.

·         Once the text is added, we need to integrate it into the video. In this case, it means at what minute or second of video playback this content will be added, as well as its duration. To do this job, you just need to select a text line or paragraphs, and then indicate on the timeline the exact period during which this content will be available for reading.

·         If a pop-up text notification or an interactive ticker is required several times consecutively for a video or a large number of different texts need to be inserted in this content, there is an electronic button “Add text again” on the toolbar.

·         A video file fully prepared for publication with audio and text must be converted into a format readable by the end user. To do this, you will need to select the resolution of interest to the user from the platform library. For example, MP4 is considered especially popular today, as it is ideal for working on the Internet and social networks. For owners of Apple mobile devices, the best solution is to install the MOV extension. A format such as AVI and many other extensions are also available to users so that the edited video file can be read from any device.

When all work is completed, the user receives ready-made video content, and he only needs to download it to the memory of his PC or smartphone, or a removable storage medium. Also, it is allowed to send content via e-mail address or messenger to the end user.

Why do users choose this platform to overlay text on video?

Most Internet users who have encountered the problem of adding text to video content choose the online editor in question, as the platform offers them many of the following advantages:

·         Complete system security from cyber-attacks – all materials that the user uploads to the platform’s external server are transmitted over a secure channel, and encryption codes are updated with each new request.

·         The developers have released such an intelligent software product that can be easily used by both professionals and beginners, regardless of their experience with graphic editors, in video processing.

·         Users can not only type new text in the editor window on the toolbar, but also copy it from Word, or Excel, or download it directly from any website.

·         Web designers or ordinary Internet users can ask about the need to clear free space in the memory of a personal computer or smartphone, so the platform is loaded and works on external servers, and users get access to it online, which greatly simplifies work and expands the client base of the system.

·         All tools are available to users for free, but if a professional web designer needs to edit a file using a special algorithm, the platform also has the option of a paid subscription that allows you to engage in commercial activities.

·         The simplest addition of text of any format and volume in just a few clicks. To add these text materials, intervention in the video file is not required, since the content is superimposed directly on an existing video, which also greatly simplifies the work of users.

Every person who needs to edit video content and add text of any format to display it during file playback can do it now. The system does not require registration or creating an account – you just need to open the website and start working with the file, and within a few hours, the expected result will be achieved.

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