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Adobe Reader: How to Change Highlight Color

There are times when you are using Adobe Reader, you would highlight some texts. However, there are some instances when you do not like the color that your Adobe Reader uses. Hence, this could cause more distraction than being more helpful. Do not worry as there is a way for you to change the color of highlight of your Adobe Reader. How? Well, you came to the right place as through this article, we shall guide you and you will learn on how to change highlight color on your Adobe Reader.

Importance of being able to change highlight color on your Adobe Reader

Highlighting texts on documents could be of great help. It emphasizes the things you would need to remember or to take note of. It also stimulates your brain and enhances your memory. However, there are also some disadvantages in highlighting texts. As mentioned earlier, for one, this could distract you or it could even bring unpleasant feeling due to the color of the highlight. Hence, it is important for you to be able to use the color for your highlight as you would perceive as stimulating at the same time relaxing. This way you will have a pleasant reading experience. We highly understand this need which is why we have decided to feature in this article the ways on how to change highlight color on your Adobe Reader and without further ado, here are some methods which you could use.

How to Highlight Text on Adobe Reader?

To be able to highlight and change the color of your highlight text on Adobe Reader, all you have to do is follow the steps and guide provided below. 

  • Open a document through the use of your Adobe Reader
  • Go and select View
  • Select Comment
  • Click on Annotations
  • Annotations options will then appear on the right pane. 
  • Right click on the highlight icon
  • Select Tool default properties
  • Select the color palette 
  • Choose your preferred color

Text Fields 

If you would like to change the highlight color of your text fields, do not worry as through this method, this could be possible, all you need to do is follow the guide and steps provided below.

  • Go to your Adobe Reader and open it. 
  • Select Edit
  • Click and select Preferences
  • Select forms option. You will be able to find this on the left pane portion. 
  • Go to Highlight Color and under it, you will find colors. 
  • Select your preferred and desired colors for Fields highlight color and/or Required fields highlight color. 
  • Click ok


By following the steps provided above, your Adobe Reader will now be able to display your preferred color. We hope that through this article, we were able to help you change the color of the highlight of your document on Adobe Reader. We understand how important this is as color of highlight could be either help you or distract you. Hence, to change the color, apply the methods above and you are good to go!

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