Best Alternatives is known for selling wholesale goods online at a cheap price due to its direct to consumers selling method from Chinese manufacturers. They also offer merchant specific coupons for discounts and buyer protection guarantees in case something goes wrong with your order.

Though sells merchandises at a lower cost, it could still cost you a bit than expected because of the factor of all the items will have to be shipped to your place from China. With this and in this case, there are other options you could explore. here are other options that you could explore

The following are similar AliExpress sites that you could explore as an alternative:

1. eBay

eBay is a well-known e-commerce brand that is very similar to AliExpress. This is a platform where high prices are disregarded in replacement of being able to sell the items quicker. Aside from being able to buy items directly, this site allows its users or members to bid and submit the price they are offering. If you are into selling and bidding, this site is perfect for you.

2. Amazon

Amazon is not China based and not all items are sold at wholesale however, Amazon is one of the best options and alternatives for AliExpress. It is known for their great service and they even offer premier membership that comes with freebies such as media libraries and a lot of goodies. Amazon however is a bit pricier than other sites.

3. Overstock

Started in Utah in the year 1999, Overstock is popular as a liquidation priced goods seller. Up to now they still sell those type of products but they have more items now and has expanded to new items.

Overstock’s specialized tems are their worldstock line which are commonly known as handicrafts. A portion of their profit are given to local artisans around the world.

4. Bonanza

Bonanza has about 50,000 sellers in their site and has about 20 million items offered. They are known for selling handicraft items which are difficult to be found on the market.

Bonanza has an easy to use interface which makes shopping easier. They also offer low service fees and they are popular in the online marketplace industry.

5. LightIntheBox

LightInThBox is another Chinese online which has over a million merchandises for sale. Some of the items sold here are clothes, furniture, electronics, sports equipment and many more. This site ships to about 200 countries around the world. It accepts all major modes of payment and uses international couriers for delivering its goods.

6. MinilnTheBox

Miniln is an extension or sister website of LightIntheBox. Items being sold in this site are small items such as small sized electronic items, computer accessories, phone accessories, jewelry, etc. Its items are directly delivered from warehouses and has fast response and delivery time.

7. DealExtreme

This site has a process of direct to customers- procedure and due to it, the prices of their items are much lower than other sites. What is great with this site is they do not charge delivery fee for any item purchased for $20 and above. DealExtreme also has a community forum where you will get to see reviews of products you wish to purchase.

8. BangGood

BangGood is one of the most competitive online alternatives. It offers low delivery fees and it does not require a minimum quantity that you need to purchase. It accepts payment from major payment facilities such as PayPal and credit cards.

9. GeekBuying

This site is small compared to other sites. It only offers up to about 10,000 varieties of items. GeekBuying’s main focal items they sell are electronics and accessories. They also offer jewelry, sports equipment and home furnishings.

10. TomTop

TomTop is one of the best reviewed online selling sites. TomTop is under the umbrella of Alibaba Group and it offers a lot of promos for savings. They are also known for efficient delivery of their goods which means you will not be stressed in waiting and tracking your purchases.

11. DHGate

Named after Dunhuang, China, DHGate offers around 30 million items and has about 1.2 million sellers. This site however sells some of its items in bulk and in wholesale.

12. Jet

In partnership with Walmart, allows its buyers to purchase in big box stores and offers free shipping for $35 and above. To bring down prices of your purchases, you could buy multiple qualities of the same product, waiving to return items and using a debit mode of payment.

13. DinoDirect

Dino direct is a direct to customer platform of selling. They offer wholesale prices from Chinese merchants. They also offer low shipping cost all over the world.

Guidelines in purchasing items online:

  1. Be cautious of items sold at a very cheap price compared to other sites and are seem to be too good to be true. Ensure that there are no hidden charges and scrutinize the item before purchasing.
  2. Beware of branded items. Usually prices are controlled by its companies and purchasing a branded item that is very cheap seems to be too good to be true.
  3. Deal with suppliers you only trust.
  4. Be sure before you pay, you are at a trusted site. Ensure your safety first.

PayPal as a mode of payment

PayPal is one of the most popular mode of payment in purchasing items online and here are the reasons:

  1. Takes care of your online payments for you specially all the authorization it would need
  2. It ensures your payment is safe and should there be any problems you may encounter; it shall be your first line of defense unlike credit cards.

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