All Monkey Pokemon From Every Generation

Pokemon characters were created and designed based on real animals including fish, snakes and even monkeys which make it very relatable. What is great about Pokemon characters is that each and every character has their own personality and attributes.

All Monkey Pokemon

Mankey – Pig Monkey Pokemon

Mankey, as its name indicates is a monkey type of Pokemon and it comes with abilities of Vital Spirit and Defiant.

Primeape – Evolves from Mankey

Primeape is another monkey type of Pokemon which has evolved from Mankey. Its abilities are the same as Mankey’s – Vital Spirit and Defiant.

Aipom- Simian Pokemon

Aipon is a Simian Pokemon who comes with 3 fingered hand for its tail. Aipon actually has stole Ash’s hat as well.

Ambipom – Evolves from Aipom

Ambipom has evolved from Ambipom which means it has abilities such as Techinician and Skill Link.

Slaking – Lazy Pokemon

Slaking is a lazy, large Pokemon which comes with Ape-like features. It has the ability of truant. Unfortunately, Slaking was defeated by Ash.

ChimChar – Chimp Pokemon

ChimChar has been evolved from Ash who has caught Chimchar from the wild. It is a Fire-type of Pokemon and it comes with abilities of Blaze and Iron fist. ChimChar as it name indicates resembles as a chimpanzee.

Monferno- Evolves from Chimchar

Monferno actually has evolved from Chimchar and it comes with the same abilities -blaze and iron fist as ChimChar.

Infernape – Evolves from Monferno

Infernape evolves from Monfero which has evolved under Ash. It comes with abilities as same as Chimchar which are blaze and iron fist.

Pansage- Grass Monkey Pokemon

Pansage is actually owned by Cilan. Cilan is a grass monkey Pokemon which comes with a broccoli-like sprout head. It comes with abilities of Gluttony and Overgrow.

Simisage – Evolved from Pansage

Simisage wins against Ash in a tournament and his abilities are the same as Pansage which he has evolved from.

Panpour- Spray Pokemon

A water pokemon type, Panpour was caught by Goh in the Thrash of the Titans. His abilities are Gluttony and torrent hidden ability.


Another water Pokemon type, Smipour is owned by Betty and its abilities are Gluttony and Torrent Hidden Ability.

Pansear- High Temp Pokemon

Pansear is a Fire Pokemon type. It is considered as one of the three elemental monkeys. Its abilities are Gluttony and Blaze Hidden Ability.

Simisear – Evolves from Pansear

Simisear has evolved from Pansear which makes it a fire Pokemon type. It has abilities of Gluttony and Blaze Hidden Ability.

Darmanitan- Blazing Pokemon

Another fire Pokemon type, Darmanitan has the ability to change forms whenever it is in a battle which of course would depend on its current HP. Usually Darmanitan enters into zen mode, it becomes a fire/psychic type of Pokemon. Its abilities are Sheer Force, Gorilla Tactics and Hidden ability.

Grookey – Chimp Pokemon

A grass Pokemon type, Grookey comes with a green fur which creates energy from sunlight. Its abilities are Grassy surge hidden ability and overgrow.

Thwackery – Evolves from Grookey

Thwackery is a grass Pokemon which could perform a ritual by grooming their friends to cheer them up to show friendship and trust. It has abilities of Grassy Surge Hidden ability and overgrow.

Rillaboom – Evolves from Thwackey

Another grass Pokemon type, Rillaboom comes in a Gigantamaz form. Its abilities are overgrow, grassy surge hidden ability.

Zarude – Rogue Monkey Pokemon

Dark Grass Pokemon type, Zarude is known for it ability to learn Jungle Healing. His ability includes Leaf Guard.

Oranguru – Sage Pokemon

A normal Psychic Pokemon type could understand the move Instruct and it has the abilities of inner focus and telepathy symbiosis hidden ability.

Passimian – Teamwork Pokemon

Passimian is a Fighting Pokemon type. It is a black and white and has a powerful built lemur with broad shoulders. Its abilities are receiver and defiant hidden ability.

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