Alleged Oppo smartwatch charges in just 5 minutes

According to a new report published on a website, it takes only 5 minutes for the rumored Oppo smartwatch to charge completely. This is the first time that there has been a news about Oppo smartwatch and it looks like Oppo will be join the smartwatch bandwagon with other OEMs as well.

The Oppo smartwatch, as discussed in the report, will make a significant impact in the market by using its special trick of charging completely in just 5 minutes. This means that users of this smartwatch will only have to plug in the charger for 5 minutes and then run the smartwatch all day without any battery life issue at hand.

It is said that Oppo smartwatch might be running Android Wear which had received a lot of criticism, particularly from Asus and LG in recent weeks due to its limitation to provide efficient battery backup due to which both the OEMs have opted to use their own OS for their next smartwatch versions. So, it means that Android Wear can be tuned in an unorthodox way to improve the whole battery related issue. Instead of extending the battery life, they can work on reducing the charging time. Another limitation which Oppo will face is that Android Wear only supports wireless charging.

This whole 5 minute charging rumor is not just another blind hit to make things interesting. Oppo has shown its impressive VOOC fast charging tech in its smartphones. VOOC charger is capable enough to charge a tiny smartwatch battery in just 5 minutes. If Oppo somehow manages to use both Android Wear and the VOOC charger for its smartwatch then it could provide a solid base for Oppo to step into the smartwatch market.

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