Alternative Games to National Geographic Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a popular game published by WildWorks in association with National Geographic. Millions of players around the world enjoy Animal Jam, a game that takes place in the fictional land of Jamaa and that features amusing and unique characters. The wild world of Jamaa is the scenario where you can enjoy all the fun and adventure that Animal Jam offers and it is even possible to set up virtual parties to share the fun with your friends. Players can create their own animal to explore a captivating 3D universe and apart from being very entertaining, the game is also a good educational tool for children, although the game can be enjoyed by players of all ages. If you love Animal Jam and would like to find similar games, this list will help you to discover other options that will keep you entertained.


Roblox Corporation offers a game that focuses on allowing you to build your own world or access the worlds created by other players. It is an impressive MMO game that lets you enjoy a versatile experience. With Roblox, you can create your own virtual games and let your imagination go wild.

Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is another great game for children and it allows them to adopt a unique creature. Kids can use their imagination to name their own monster pet and come up with a story for them. Every monster has its own personality and their energy and characteristics evolve as you play with them.


Poptropica is a virtual world that allows kids to play games, participate in competitions and interact with others in a safe way. There are also books, comics and other content specially designed for children. There are different islands in Poptropica (including Shark Tooth Island, Spy Island, Super Power Islands) that can be explored and kids can also complete missions.

Pixie Hollow

Tinker Bell is one of Disney’s most loved characters and in this game, you will be able to discover her world and meet new fairies. In Pixie Hollow Games, you will be able to have fun as the pixies compete and show off their skills. The game brings a lot of competitive spirit and amusing moments.

Amazing World

As the name suggests, this open-world game offers an incredible multiplayer adventure. You will need to stop the evil Queen Vexa from destroying Amazing World. Save the Zing’s home and embark in fantastic journeys, enjoy captivating stories and discover all the characters that the game offers.


Fantage is a wonderful virtual world where you can chat with friends, customize your avatar’s appearance choosing features like hair color and clothes. You can also chat with friends, enjoy multiple games to play and complete many missions. The world of Fantage is continuously growing and offering new options.


This free multiplayer game that features dozens of mice running around collecting cheese. As a player, you have the task of gathering pieces of cheese that are kept in certain areas. You can control the mouse’s movements and get them to run, bounce and more, in order to reach the food. There are many levels, skills and a lot of fun.

Club Penguin

To enjoy a world of entertainment, you can join Club Penguin, Disney’s virtual world for kids. Club Penguin is focused on offering a safe and fun social MMO experience for children and teens. There are many online games and interactive activities to enjoy.

Bin Weevils

The world of Bin Weevils will let you unleash your creativity and improve your brain power. The game offers a 3D experience that offers interactive adventures where you can create your own Bin Weevil, get furniture to decorate your nest, enjoy puzzle challenges and have a lot of fun.

Lady Popular

If you love fashion, Lady Popular is the right game for you. It is a free web browser-based game that gives you the chance to dress up a fashion model. You can be a top designer and get a glimpse into the world of fashion with this entertaining game.


Horses are beautiful, amazing animals and with this game, you can learn about horse breeds, take care of them and even take part in equestrian competitions. You can choose a horse and take care of them in an equestrian center. There are many horses to adopt and you can play the game for free.


In MaraPets, you can find over 20 unique universes, a selection of amusing pets and many activities. The website features dress up dolls, forums and many options to explore. You can make friends, take care of your marapets and train them. The websites has many users who visit the website every day to enjoy all the interactive fun that it offers.


Fishao allows you to enjoy a virtual fishing experience in which you can compete with thousands of players around the world. There are over 400 different fish to catch and you can even customize your character in the game. You can also chat with other players and make friends.

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