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Usually, in order to register on a website you are asked to provide your email address. Once you do, you receive a verification email that allows you to complete the registration process. The problem is that many websites don’t stop there and they start sending you emails on a regular basis, sometimes even daily. To avoid spam and other issues, temporary or disposable email address are the best option. This is what a service like Mailinator offers, an option to create an email that you can provide whenever you want to avoid spam. It is also a good solution when you want to post on a public forum that request you to enter your email. With Mailinator, you can keep your real email address private since you can provide a temporary email instead. The interface is easy to use and also appealing, but apart from Mailinator, there are many other options that deserve to be considered and here you will find more ways to create disposable emails.


Using Maildrop allows you to prevent that your email inbox gets filled with spam and unwanted emails. You can create a disposable email address within seconds and use it whenever you prefer not to give out your real email. Maildrop is easy to use and will come handy in many situations.


Mailnesia handles spam effectively and saves you the hassle of dealing with unwanted emails on your inbox. It is not necessary to register for the service and once you create your temporary email address, you can check the messages received without having to enter any login details. Mailinesia offers a cool feature that completes the verification process on websites automatically. Once a confirmation email from a website is received, the links are visited automatically and the verification is completed without any necessary action on your side.


Another reliable solution to create a temporary email address is Dispostable. It gives you the chance of creating an email ID of your preference, or you can get a randomly assigned one within a few seconds. The interface of the website is very basic but it gets the job done and it is an effective way to protect your real email from spam.


AirMail is easy to use and allows you to keep your real email address free from annoying spam. Registration is not required and you will be able to access the emails received on your web browser, using a unique URL. AirMail offers multiple practical features including an option that protects your IP and browser information from being tracked.


Spamgourmet helps you to avoid spam on your real email and it offers two different modes. One of them is called no-brainer and it is designed to be very simple, without any maintenance required. For enhanced privacy, you can opt for the advanced mode, although it is slightly more complicated. While Spamgourmet requires registration, it allows you to create several temporary email addresses with individual settings.


Here is another website that lets you get a temporary email address without having to register or provide any personal information. You have the option of creating your own email ID or you can just use the one that the website creates randomly. The temporary email address is available for 60 minutes but you can get an extra hour if needed.


Discard.Email supports a variety of customization options that will help you to ensure that your temporary email address adapts to your preferences. You can select the domain that you want to use and protect your temporary email address with a custom password. It is another convenient and effective solution to get a disposable email instead of revealing your real one when you don’t want to.

Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is another way to avoid becoming the target of spammers. The website offers an easy to use interface so that you can create a disposable email address in just a few steps. You won’t need to expose your real email address whenever you register on a website or post on a forum. Guerrilla Mail lets you create an email address that is active for a limited time.

Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator is another solution to get a temporary email address that can be used for verification purposes and in any case when you don’t want to provide your real one. Fake Mail Generator gives you the possibility of creating your own email ID and you can select the domain you want to use from the list that they offer.


MintEmail is another convenient solution to get a temporary email address whenever you don’t want to provide your regular email address. When you visit the website, you will instantly get a temporary email address that you can see at the top-right side of the page. It is also possible to create your own email ID. offers the possibility of creating a temporary email address that is available for up to 24 hours. It supports features like auto-refresh system and since your temporary email has assigned a unique ID, only you can access the emails received by using a direct URL.


Since MailCatch is a temporary email solution, it doesn’t require large data center or devices for permanent storage, which allows it to be a green alternative. The service offers a free option but there is also a premium version that adds stronger protection for your privacy.


With ThrowAwayMail, you can get a disposable email that can be used for up to 48 hours. ThrowAwayMail allows you to create multiple disposable email addresses within seconds. It is easy to use and you can refresh and get new email addresses whenever needed.


Like the vast majority of services in this list, YOPMail is a free option that lets you create a disposable email address that protects your inbox from threats like phishing and spam. You can choose your own email ID, or get a random one from YOPMail and the services offers a variety of features like chat and alias, which enhances your privacy since you can provide an alternate email that is linked to your real YOPMail address.


Once you tick the captcha box and enter a phrase to confirm that you are not a robot, you will be able to create an temporary email address with just one click. After clicking, you are taken to a new page where your email address is displayed. All the messages received to that temporary email address are displayed on that page. You can discard the email address when needed and create a new one.

10 Minute Mail

If you only need an email address that gives you a few minutes to complete the registration process on a website, 10 Minute Mail is a good solution. The website lets you create a temporary email address that lasts 10 minutes. You can use it to register on any website without exposing your real email address to possible spam.


If you need a temporary email address that gives you more than just a few minutes, try MyTrashMail, a service that gives you the possibility of keeping your email address active for up to one month. MyTrashMail offers convenient features such as spam blocker and it helps you to keep your real email inbox uncluttered and spam-free.

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