Best Free Alternatives for WinZip and WinRAR

Either for business or for personal use, program to compress files is another important tool one needs to ensure easier for decreasing file size, attaching and sending to email. Popular tools such as WinZip and WinRAR have been popular tools for the purpose of compressing files. However, in order to access these tools, you will need to pay. Would it not be amazing to be able to compress your files for free? Good news, there other tools or programs that you could use as an alternative for free.

If you are looking for a file compressing tool, below are the best alternatives compatible to either windows, mac or smartphones:

1. 7-Zip

An open source tool, the 7-Zip takes the 1st spot of this list as it is better and more efficient than other file compression tools including paid tools such as Winrar and Winzip.

Though 7-Zip, you will be able to zip and unzip formats like ZIP, RAR, TAR, 7z and WIM.

2. B1 Free Archiver

The B1 Archiver could be used for numerous formats such as b1,7z, arj, rar, zip, txz, xpi, etc. It is also available for both desktop and online. This tool could be downloaded and could be used online and offline. It can also be used without downloading its software.

The only downside of this tool and you have to be cautious of is during installation it will offer you an adware.

3. ExtractNow

ExtractNow is easy to use but it only unpacks files rather than compressing it. All you have to do is to drag and drop your compressed files on its interface and click on extract to extract your files.

4. jZip

Similar to 7-Zip, this tool supports formats such as rar, 7-zip, TAR, zip and GZip. The only disadvantage of this tool is that its interface offers only a few options but this makes this tool perfect for beginners.

This tool also allows you to packing and unpacking files. It also offers adware upon installation for a fee. So if you do not need it, be sure to uncheck it before hitting the install button.

5. PeaZip

Another open source tool, the PeaZip is an amazing tool that could add encryption to your files and aside from that, you could also work on different files at the same time.

This tool can also filter your files and supports formats such as XZ, BZ2, 7z, TAR, RAR, GZ and Zip.

6. Hamster Free Zip Archiver

With a great compression ratio and compresses at a fast speed, the Hamster Zip Archiver offers a selection on compression level and allows you to put a password on your packed files.

It supports formats such as XZ, Zip, RAR and 7z. Aside from that, this tool could incorporate cloud services which enables the user to save and share files in the internet.

7. Bandizip

A free tool that does not offer any adware or malware, Bandizip allows its users to scan files for viruses before you open your files. It also could multi-core compress which means it could perform faster and provides better compression. It could also add encryptions which makes your files more secured.

8. Zip Extractor

The Zip Extractor is free for Google chrome extension users. It allows the user to extract compressed files in your Google drive. Its interface is simple and supports numerous compression formats.

9. RAR

This tool could be used on your android app. It supports formats such as ARJ, RAR, Zip, BZ2, TAR, etc. Through this app, you will be allowed to encrypt your files and repair your files in case it is damaged.

10. Simple Unrar

This app is for specific use of extracting .rar files. It could support files up to version 5 and lets you extract files from your email attachments. This app also allows you to keep your broken files from disturbing the files that are in process.

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