Amazon Prime College Student Discount Sign Up Guide

Being a member of Amazon Prime provides a lot of benefits and has huge advantage in terms of shipping/delivery time. However, membership and their services could come at a price which students cannot afford or a cost which students are not willing to pay for. Thus, if you are a student, we understand how budget could be limited most of the times which is why in this article, we shall provide you useful information about getting discount on Amazon Prime.

Is There An Amazon Prime Student Discount?

If you have heard about Amazon Prime Student discount but do not know if it is real, the good news is that Amazon Prime provides discount for students. In fact, students could get a 6-month free trial and once the trial is done, you could get up to 50% off the standard cost throughout your student life.

What Does the Student Version of Amazon Prime Cost?

If you are a student, all you have to pay per year is $60 after their trial period. This is much more affordable compared to their regular price of $12.99 which would cost about $119.00 yearly.

As mentioned earlier, if you are a student, you could get a trial for 6 months. However, you must take note and keep in mind when the trial period would expire as once it runs out, you would then, be charged a full year of student prime. This means you would be charged $60 all at once. If you are not amenable with this, you will have to cancel your subscription before you get charged.

How to Qualify for Amazon Prime Student Discount

Before you get Amazon Prime Student discount, you would need to go through some steps. Keep in mind, you would need a school email address and a proof that you are a student.

  • Visit Prime Student sign-up page
  • Enter your information and submit the form. Ensure to include your school email address.
  • Open your email and click on the verification sent to you by Amazon

Featured Products for College Students

Not only would you be able to get discounts, but as a student, you would also get additional and more benefits such as having the access to purchase the right tools and equipment that you would need for school.

Large Matein College Backpack

This backpack definitely is perfect for college students. It is highly durable and it could carry your books, electronics and other school materials. It comes with built-in laptop partition where you could put your 17-inch laptop. It also has a battery pack pocket with cord port in case you need to charge on the go. This backpack come in different colors as well.

Natures Sleep Thick Aircool IQ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

There are some students who would need to move into a dorm which means you will have to make your room as comfortable as you could and one way is through this simple memory foam topper. It comes with gel which would definitely keep you cool during warm nights. Furthermore, it is made of visco-elastic foam which provide support and comfort.

Portable Battery

This portable battery definitely has a place in your backpack. It is convenient especially when you need to charge your tablet or phone. This portable battery pack comes with fast charge feature and USB C cord.

What Are The Student Specific Benefits of Amazon Prime?

An Amazon Prime member usually enjoy a wide range of benefits. However, if you are a student, you get more specific benefits which regular members don’t. Here are some of the specific benefits for students.

Deals with Partnering Vendors

Amazon usually have partner vendors such as Dell and the like and this brand is one of the many that offer discounts on student prime members. You could also get discounts on other items such as phone cases, personal care items, groceries, clothes, health items and many more. Through these discounted items, you would for sure be able to save more and at the same time get to purchase the things you need without having to worry about having a tight budget.

Save Up To 90% on Textbook Purchases

Textbooks are very important when you are studying. However, it could be very costly. Do not worry as an Amazon Prime member, you could get your textbooks at a lesser cost. In fact, Amazon Prime offers discounted textbooks, textbook rentals, used books, etc.

Amazon Music Discount

Another benefit you could get as a student prime members is a discount on Amazon Music. Hence, instead of having to pay $4.99 per month, you will only have to pay $0.99 per month.

What Perks Do You Get With Amazon Prime?

Better Shipping Options – Amazon Day and Two-Day

As an Amazon Prime member, you would be able to have a faster shipping times. This means, you could get your items within two-days. You could also have access to options such as upgrade shipments to one day for a small cost. Furthermore, there are also Amazon Day deliveries as well.

Prime Video

You would be able to get access to Prime video wherein you would be able to stream movies, tv shows and original Prime videos.

Early Access to Lightning Deals

Another great benefit of being an Amazon Prime member is its special lightning deals to its visitors which happens daily but at a limited time and quantity. The good news is that Prime members could get a 30-minute head start. Hence, you would be able to get your items without having to worry about products being sold out.

Prime Reading

You could also get access to thousands of different books including audile narration. What is more amazing is that every month you would find new books which would definitely pique your interest.

Amazon Photos

You would be able to get unlimited storage for your high-definition photos. In fact, you would be able to store up to 5 GB of videos and for additional storage for videos you would have to pay for it.


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information about Amazon Prime for students.

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