Amazon Prime Whole Foods Code for Discounts

Whole Food Market has been acquired by Amazon back in 2018. This part of Amazon’s business has been converted into a benefit for Amazon Prime members.

Amazon Prime members get quite a number of benefits which makes it advantageous to subscribe to. Not only you could access great movie and TV show content, you would also be able to shop and have quick delivery time. In fact, in most cases, you could receive your items the same day you have shopped online. Moreover, Amazon Prime members could shop everyday items at a low price.

With all the perks you get at Amazon Prime, it is definitely worth subscribing to. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, they have added Whole Foods to the many benefits of Amazon Prime members.

The Amazon Prime Discount at Whole Foods

Amazon Discount at Whole Foods is a benefit of being an Amazon Prime member. It provide an extra 10% off on its sales in store. This excludes of course alcohol.

Amazon Prime member could take advantage of this new benefit of being able to shop at Whole Foods with savings and deals. You could use your Amazon Shopping app, credit or debit cards which are used on your Amazon Prime account. Keep in mind that for you to be able to save, you would have to go through the items that are on sale and to be flexible in terms of brands.

What is the Amazon Prime Whole Foods Code for Discounts?

There are quite a range of different discounts which you could have through the Amazon Prime Whole Foods. Each and every week, there are new exclusive discounts. Moreover, if you are senior, you could also get a discount.

What Are Some Benefits of Using Amazon Whole Foods Discount?

  • You could do voice shopping through the use of Alexa. You could ask Alexa to add to your cart fresh food from Whole Foods. Furthermore, you could also schedule a delivery as well.
  • Great deals on food. You would be able to get exclusive weekly coupons and 10% off on specialty items. Of course, excluding alcohol.
  • Free 2-hour grocery delivery. This would depend on your location. If as for the moment you do not have delivery at your area, do not worry as Amazon Whole Foods is continuously expanding.
  • Rewards points – you could get up to 5% when you use Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card and Amazon Prime membership. However, if you are a card member without eligible Prime membership, you could still earn 3% back on purchases.

How to Get the Amazon Prime Whole Foods Discount

  • Go to the Amazon Prime Whole Foods Discount webpage
  • Amazon Prime members are eligible to access discount. Download Whole Foods app if you haven’t.
  • Update your mobile number settings
  • Go to Amazon Whole Foods page
  • View the discount code by selecting view code
  • Scan the code at Whole foods when you shop

The Whole Foods App

The Whole Foods app is the best platform which you could use your Prime membership benefits on. All you have to do is to download the app and you would definitely have direct access to weekly sales. You could also create your shopping list for the week. Moreover, you could ensure that your discount would be applied to your order, when you use the app itself. In fact, app’s homepage show barcode which you could scan whenever you checkout and pay for your items.

Another feature of the app which you would definitely love is that there selected stores that offer food pick up. This means, you will be able to place lunch or dinner pick up.

Amazon Shopping App

Another way for you to be able to get advantage of your Amazon Prime discount is through the Amazon Shopping App. Through this app, you would be able to get free grocery pickup or delivery but with a fee. This app allows you to get discount at Whole Foods as long as you are an Amazon Prime member.

Other Ways for Prime Members Save Money and Time at Whole Foods

Aside from discount, there are many other ways which you could save money and time. For once, you could pick up your goods which means you do no longer have to go to the shop and spend time looking for your items and putting it in your cart. Furthermore, if you have returns, you could just drop off your items at Whole Foods instead of having to go to the post office. Another benefit you could get is that the convenience of picking up your Amazon packages at Whole Foods.

Lastly, you could also take advantage of Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card wherein you could earn up to 5% cashback on every purchase you do at Whole Foods. This is possible through the use of Prime credit card. With all of these benefits, you could save up to 10% off sale and additional discounts. This card does not require any annual fees and it offers 2% cash back on gas and 1% cash back on other purchases.

Troubleshooting Issues with Amazon Prime Discount

Though following procedures and protocols could go a long way, there are still issues which you could encounter. If this is the case, do not worry. As long as you are a member, just contact the Whole Foods team at 844-WFM-TALK and you would surely get the best support.


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information about Amazon Prime Whole Foods Code for Discounts.

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