Amazon Video SD card downloads available

Amazon Video is supported on both iOS and Android, though Amazon tends to be more Android-friendly and iOS-competitive than anything else. The company previously limited downloads to a phone’s internal storage and did not allow SD card downloads due to its own personal restrictions. Now, the veil has been lifted — and Amazon Video SD card downloads are now available for diehard Amazonians.

The Galaxy Note 7 will return microSD cards to the Note lineup, though Samsung has now added Universal Flash Storage 2.0 (or UFS 2.0) to the lineup with last year’s Note 5 and is now able to bring both to co-exist peacefully in the upcoming handset. SanDisk lovers will now be able to snag the 2 new 256GB microSD cards and make good use of them.

The new feature is only possible out of the US at the moment, as a search from the “via” link below brings up the statement at the Play Store that Amazon Video SD card downloads are not available in the US. While this may make US customers upset, please remember that Amazon may just be rolling out the feature to other countries first, with the US being last on the list. With Google allowing SD card downloads from the Google Play Movies store, it’s nice to see Amazon bring Amazon Video SD card downloads to Android users. The timing behind this move is unexpected, and the worldwide rollout of this feature will be just as surprising.


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