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An Intensive iRobot Roomba 880 Review

The competition is on for companies that assists you with the heinous house chore of having to get rid of the dusts in your households. For a long time now, people who have allergic reactions to dusts have to suffer through the process of cleaning them first and exposing themselves to the hazard.

However, the days of their sacrifice will be over as one of the most notable and highly regarded dust eliminating companies, the iRobot, has come up with a new innovation to eliminate the dusts that linger in your home’s corners.

Product Description & Features

The Roomba 880 is the flagship product of iRobot for their 800 – series. Released with the same pricing as its previous model, this latest one will give you the update that you so rightfully deserve. At a first glance, not much difference can be detected. However, as you turn it on, you will be seeing the impressive advancement of  the AeroForce technology.

The sparking addition to the flagship device of iRobot’s 800-series’ AeroForce cleaning system is the absolute catch for luxury vacuum consumers. It now comes with extractors that rotate inwardly towards each other in order to increase the airflow and improvise the suction. It is also a highly efficient vacuum on its own that has a battery that provides longer cleaning times.

Pros And Cons

One of the many utterly impressive aspects that make the Roomba 880 is how it replaced the previous bristles in brushes with rubber – based extractors. This is the main selling point of the innovative AeroForce cleaning system. The Roomba 880 certainly does more than it’s supposed to do but the downside to this innovation is its limited dustbin.

Manufacturers claim that the storage for the confiscated dust particles are bigger than the previous models but it would appear that the device cannot maximize its purpose because it gets filled up way too quickly and before it completely finishes its task.


In terms of recognizable cleaning capability, the Roomba 880 serves its consumers accordingly. It does not hold out long enough to do what it is programmed to do. Despite the limited dustbin storage, constant cleaning of those will keep this device performing. It does, however, fall behind on one thing against the Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro – its capacity to fully get rid of pet hairs.


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