Android 5.0 will allow users to remove 3rd party carrier apps

Bloatware can be a problem for people who have carrier based smartphones as these kind of apps are pre installed on smartphones and cannot be uninstalled. With the previous version of Android there was no way to remove bloatwares but with Android 5.0 things change. In an interview the vice president for Android engineering Dave Burke and Android group product manager Gabe Cohen announced about a new feature for Android 5.0 known as “Play Auto Installs” that will help Android user’s delete bloatware ensuring that both customers and carriers are satisfied.

The way “Play Auto Installs” works is that when a user installs a carrier SIM into an Android phone running Android 5.0 let’s say Verizon, the OS is going to automatically install the necessary carrier based apps. There is a catch here though these carrier based apps will be installed as ordinary apps giving users the authority to delete them at will. Google will also be able to bring new updates to the carrier based smartphones through the PlayStore, which means that carrier based smartphone users won’t have to wait too long for a new update, though it’s still up to carriers if they want to go with this service or not.

Android 5.0 is bringing a lot of new features and we are hoping for more to come that is as useful as “Play Auto Installs”. Google is also working with some carriers to make their latest flagship smartphone the Nexus 6 available on a contract price. In the past Google couldn’t do that but with “Play Auto Installs” Google is able to make their Nexus 6 available through carriers too now.

Were bloatware a problem for you if yes, then what do you think about Google introducing this new feature?




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