Best Android Apps That Will Help You Prepare for IIT JEE Exam

Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is an entrance exam created to test the abilities and skills of students who would want to take up bachelor’s degree in Engineering in prestigious colleges in India. In other words, it is a gateway for one to be able to move forward in his or her studies and is one of the requirements and criteria that colleges take into consideration during admissions process.

This exam is conducted in two phases- JEE Main and JEE Advanced. As mentioned earlier, your scores in these tests will be reviewed and will be considered in admissions by colleges that you would want to study in including IITs, NIT, Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research and many more.

With that said, preparing for this exam is one of the most crucial things you will need to do in order for you to get good high scores that colleges will not even think twice of accepting you in their institutions.

One way to help you in preparing for JEE entrance exam is through the use of mobile apps and here are the best and top android apps that we highly recommend.

1. JEE Main Prep

JEE Main Prep is well known for being a very comprehensive guide which you could use to review for your JEE exam. It comes with wide range of subjects in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. It also includes mock tests and has question banks for each topic. In addition to that, JEE Main Prep app ensures to provide valuable tips, inspiration to test takers and even lessons from IIT/NIT toppers.

JEE Main Prep is available for free and is highly recommended.

2. IIT-JEE/AIPMT– Be a Toppr

Be a Toppr app comes with notes and also has summaries in every chapter. This means, you will not have a hard time having a quick review and better understanding of every topic. This app provides you about 250,000 questions for Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. In addition to that, it also has assessment tests which comes in different difficulty levels.

This app is available for free and also allows its users to see how they did well based on scores of other users in mock tests.

3. IIT JEE AIPMT Smart Testprep

This app is a great option that you could use for reviewing for your JEE examination. It carries numerous questions in subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biology. Each question comes with step by step explanation which will make it easier for you to understand. In addition to that, this app includes notes, learning materials and mock tests.

4. IIT JEE Previous Year Papers

This app has compilations of previous years’ questions found in previous years’ JEE examination. The app itself could be used even offline and allows you to answer questions in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry even without mobile data or internet.

5. IIT JEE – Formulae and Notes

IIT JEE – Formulae and Notes is perfect for coaching test preparations. It incorporates important concepts and formulae which is compacted for quick review. There are about 40,000 practice questions and about 800 videos which you could watch for better understanding of concepts. This app comes with all NCERT textbook concepts of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

6. IIT JEE Preparation and Coaching

IIT JEE Preparation and Coaching app is perfect for students who are into self-studying. This app comes with solutions, major references and practice materials. In addition to that, this app comes with advanced topics and tests. You could also ask about things you do not understand and they will be answered by experience faculty.

7. JEE MAINs, AIEEE and JEE Advance

This app includes questions from AIEEE exams in 2005 to 2012 and JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams from 2012 forward. It comes with all books from famous authors and concepts. This app’s contents are organized by importance which makes it easier to review.

8. PCM Formulas

PCM Formulas is an app that contains all of the important formulas that you should know in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. It also has all the information you would need for quick reference. An example of this is the periodic table.

9. IIT JEE PCM Video Lectures

This app helps you understand things through its videos that provides explanations to every concept in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. There are about 700 plus videos found in this app.

10. Infinite IIT JEE

Infinite IIT JEE is an app that includes bunch of questions in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. It also has daily tests which students could practice on and compare scores with other users of the app. Though the solutions to the questions in this app is not very detailed, it is a good tool to practice for your examination.


JEE is a very difficult exam to take and preparing for it would take a lot of time, effort and hard work. One way to prepare for your exam is by downloading apps that will help you study wherever you are. We hope we were able to help you through the list of apps mentioned above.

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