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How to Fix: Android Flashlight Not Working?

Most Android phones come with a built-in flashlight which is usually convenient to have especially when there is darkness due to unexpected power interruption. Though a flashlight is an essential tool in these situations, the built-in flashlight in Android phones usually also works as a camera flash which of course is equally important. However, there are times and situations wherein the flashlight would just stop working. We understand how frustrating this could be. Do not worry as in this article, you would find useful information on how you could fix Android flashlight not working.

Ways to Fix Your Android Flashlight

Reset Your Camera App

  • Swipe down your screen
  • Select the gear icon
  • Open the settings menu
  • Tap Applications
  • Select camera app
  • Select Storage
  • Select precise data

Once your camera app has been reset, any bug or accidentally disabling the flashlight would be fixed and re-enabled. Take note, however, once you reset your camera app, all your camera settings will be cleared as well.

Restart Your Phone

One way to solve any technological issue is by restarting your system and the issue of flashlight not working is not an exception. In this case, we suggest for you to try to restart your phone and check if your issue has been solved.

Reset Your App Settings

  • Swipe down your screen
  • Select the gear icon
  • Tap application
  • Tap three dots found at the top right
  • Select reset app preferences
  • Tap ok

Keep in mind that if you reset your camera app, all of your app settings will be reset. This includes your camera and other social media apps.

Try Using Safe Mode

Safe mode is usually used for diagnostic purposes. It is able to stop third party software from changing the basic and default functions of your phone. This means if a third party app is affecting your phone’s flashlight function, then turning on your phone’s safe mode should do the trick.

  • Press and hold your power button until the power off menu appears
  • Select restart
  • As soon as the screen is black, press and hold the power button until it turns back on.

Keep in mind that different brands and models could have different methods in turning on the safe mode.

Try a Third Party Flashlight App

If your flashlight would not work no matter what method of fix you try, you could get a third party app. there are numerous apps but we highly recommend Flashlight. This app does not share your data nor would spy on you.

Disable Auto Mode

There are times when your camera would go on auto mode which would automatically activate or deactivate the flash depending of how bright your environment is. However, sometimes, it could get stuck which could be light on or off. To disable the auto mode, open your camera app, turn the automatic flash setting on and off.

Avoid Using Battery Saver Mode

Battery saver mode is a function usually used to limit the power consumption. If this function is turned on, there are certain functions such as location services and voice commands of your phone that would be turned off. It would also disable background apps. However, this could also affect your flashlight. For you to fix this issue, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Go to your phone’s settings
  • Select apps
  • Select see all apps
  • Select camera app
  • Tap battery
  • Set it to unrestricted

Update Your Software

If your software has not been updated and is still running on the older version, we suggest to update your software. It would be recommended to adjust and update your flashlight and camera apps.

Check for Physical Damage or Blockage

Check physically your lens. It could be cracked or damaged. Check the protective film or tape which is covering your flashlight.

Limit Your Use of Third-Party Apps

If you are using multiple apps which could interfere with your phone’s flashlight. If this is the case, we suggest for you to check your apps and check its permission to use the flashlight.

Perform a Factory Reset

If you have tried everything and nothing worked, the last resort would be is to perform a factory reset. Though this method would clean up almost all your phone’s issues and bugs, it would also wipe out all your data saved including your photos. To avoid losing your important photos, files, and data, ensure you back up your data before performing a factory reset.

  • Go to your phone’s settings
  • Select general management menu
  • Find and tap on the reset button
  • Select factory data reset
  • Select reset device

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