Android Marshmallow brings an alphabetical slide adjuster in app drawer

Android Marshmallow is the latest from Google, and I’ve had some time to play around with the latest update on my Nexus 5. As usual, we’re sure that many of you want to know what’s new in the latest update from Google, why you should update to Android Marshmallow if your device is eligible to receive the new update, and so on. Starting with this post and continuing forward, we’ll be taking a look at the new in Android Marshmallow that you can enjoy, showing you that Google has taken great care to provide more of what users need and want in this latest major update to the Android mobile operating system.

There are some useful features within this update, but this post will tackle one: the slide adjuster in the app drawer. How many times have you wanted to search for an app but had to remember which page it was saved on, and what apps did you download around the same time? Over the course of a two-year experience with a smartphone, you may find yourself with pages of apps (if you use lots of apps and enjoy them). Google wants to ease your mind within Android Marshmallow with regard to apps; that is, you’ll now be able to find the app you want when you want it with a slide adjuster in the app drawer that flies through your apps alphabetically.

Android Marshmallow app drawer

To find the new alphabetical slide adjuster within Android Marshmallow, go into the app drawer, then look to the right of the drawer. You’ll notice a green slider to the right of the screen. The green slider is the alphabetical slider you’ll use to navigate through your app drawer. Take the green slider and slide it down the screen. You’ll notice that a huge white letter appears on the green slider as you slide it through your apps.

Android Marshmallow alphabetical slider

Android Marshmallow app search bar

Android Marshmallow has also brought a search capability within apps so that you can now search that way if you need to. Of course, typing isn’t an exact science, so the slider may be the best thing to use when you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait to type in a word or phrase. In the search bar, though, you need only type a letter. At this point, Google provides a “search for more apps” section that takes you to Google’s search engine to look for more apps. I would have liked to have seen Google link to the Play Store, but that’s not the case at the moment.

Have you received Android Marshmallow? Do you enjoy the slide adjuster and new app search? If so, feel free to let us know.

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