Android Pay Tap 10 Promotion Brings Free Music and Chromecast Dongle

Google wants you to use Android Pay, so much so that the search engine giant company has decided to create a Tap 10 promotion around its mobile payment system. The Android Pay Tap 10 promotion brings rewards with each purchase that surrounds Android Pay. For the first Android Pay purchase, you receive a free song from Google’s Play Music store; the same thing is awarded for the second purchase. Once you make 10 purchases with Android Pay enabled, you’ll receive a free $35 gift certificate or credit toward Google’s Chromecast TV dongle.

When one considers the freebies given, it isn’t much, particularly for those who make large purchases using Android Pay (such as buying 10 Gear S2 smartwatches and paying a total of $3,500 or more for the effort!). For those who haven’t activated Android Pay yet, however, this may be something small toward motivating those individuals to give Google’s new mobile payment system a try.

Android Pay is Google’s own take on mobile payments to rival Samsung’s Samsung Pay and Apple’s Apple Pay mobile payment methods. Currently, Android Pay works with a number of banks in the US that are still waiting for Samsung Pay compatibility, such as Wells Fargo. Android Pay has had some success over Apple Pay in Europe, but there are still places that are waiting for Google’s mobile service as well. Ultimately, all three will compete on the basis of buyer rewards, rebates, coupons, and other financial incentives. Android Pay for many arrives with Android Lollipop but is pre-installed on the Huawei Nexus 6P, LG Nexus 5X, and upcoming 2016 Android smartphones and beyond.

The new Android Pay Tap 10 promotion is valid between now and February 29th.


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