APOLLO 7S: small,powerful, water-resistant, Wireless earphone

We are currently in a transition between wired and wireless Bluetooth headset. In this type of phase, manufacturers have a chance of getting a foothold in the market if they can produce a quality captivating product. So far, we have seen products the likes of Earins buds that are setting a higher notch for other earphones. Now Erato has set the bar higher by unveiling their single-purpose, powerful, small, water-resistant and wireless ear bud – Appollo 7s.

The Apollo 7s wireless earphone is a perfect showcase of small but yet powerful gadgets. Each bud measure about 15.4 * 22.2 mm (0.6 * 0.9 inches) and weigh about 4 grams. In different musical genres, they can handle the booming bass of a dance track, a rich complexity of classical well and the high-end twang of bluegrass. The sound has been accurately balanced between high, midrange, low and the bass is quite astounding.

An equally impressive feature is a microphone in the little earphones. Receiving call is as simple as tapping one of the buttons on the buds. Tests conducted by gizmag revealed that incoming call was clear though outgoing sounded a bit remote probably due to the distance between the buds and the mouth. The clarity of the call is definitely acceptable considering this line of technology has not advanced much.

Pairing the bud is quite simple, all you do is insert them, press on one of the buds until you hear, ‘pairing’ turn the other one on until you hear ‘headset connected’. After this, your buds are synced and can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device. The on buttons can also be used to pause music, control the volume, raise the sound, skip forward or backward. What differentiates the selected function are the number and side of the tap. For instance double tapping the left earbud button lowers the volume.

Apollo 7s can work with both Google Now and Siri making it one of the few that can do that. It has been coated with a special nano-coating technology that makes it waterproof. You only wipe dry, and you can continue to listen to your tune.

Its casing charge also features a similar minimalistic design. It measures 2.5 * 1.5 * 1inches, easily fitting in a pocket. Interestingly, the buds snap into their slot inside eliminating the need to place them in a particular position for them to be charged. The case provides pass-through charging when it is connected to an onboard 300-mAh battery. Speakers of batteries each have a 50-mAh battery, handling four hours of music playback or three hours of talk.

The Apollo 7s is expected to start shipping in June. Currently, a crowd funding campaign is being conducted on Kicstarter. Participants get evaluation samples though they have to pledge funds to the project. As of now, a pair of Apollo 7s retails at US$250. Afterward, they are expected to rise to close to $299.

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