Apple announces record App Store sales on New Year’s Day

In a post published on Apple’s website, Apple said that it saw the biggest sales day in the history of the App Store on New Year’s Day of 2015. According to Apple, iOS users spent approx $500 million dollars on the App Store through the first week of January which was divided between in-app and app purchases.

Apart from the sales stats, Apple also created a micro website that focuses on the efforts Apple has made in creating more jobs throughout the world. Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote on Twitter that, “We’re proud to create 1M+ US jobs in all 50 states and ring in another record-breaking year for developers globally.”

Tim Cook admired the efforts that Apple has put in creating millions of jobs across US. Majority of the jobs are related to iOS ecosystem, totaling a staggering number of 627,000 jobs in total.

Apple also stated that it saw 50% increase in billings compared to last year, dishing out more than $10 million to developers in earnings from apps and a total of $25 billion earned via app sales since the launch of The App Store. Apple also mentioned how the release of innovative iOS 8 allowed developers to create amazing apps using innovative features of the new iOS.

To date, there are over 1.4 million apps on App store spread across 24 different categories. According to Apple, more than 725,000 apps are made specifically for iPad.

These are just the sales figure and job statistics that Apple put on their website today. Apple is set to release its Q1, 2015 earnings call by the end of this month on January 27th.

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