Apple could announce the rumored iPhone 6c or iPhone 7c as the iPhone 5e

Remember the cheap, budget-friendly iPhone 6c that was rumored to arrive? It never did, but we continue to hear rumors that it’s coming. For some reason, a new report says that Apple intends to stick with the “iPhone 5” nomenclature for the cheaper iPhone and name it the “iPhone 5e” as opposed to the “iPhone 6c” or “iPhone 7c.” Chinese site MyDrivers says that the “e” in “iPhone 5e” will stand for “enhanced,” whereas the iPhone 5c, the first cheaper iPhone Apple ever released, had a “c” that stood for “color.”

Just how will the iPhone 5e live up to its “enhanced” name? The iPhone 5e will have the 4-inch display we’ve been hearing about the iPhone 6c, but will also have the year-old A8 processor instead of the more recently announced A9 processor, not to mention 1GB of RAM (as was the case with the iPhone 5c) and Apple Pay. What the report does not mention is whether or not the new iPhone 5e will have a fingerprint sensor – but it seems counterintuitive of Apple to not include it in this new cheaper iPhone option, especially since Apple Pay looks to be onboard.

The specs we’re hearing that will arrive with the iPhone 5e definitely makes this phone seem as old as that of the original iPhone 5 (which is now 3 years old), but keep in mind that Apple only creates cheaper iPhone options for emerging markets. When Apple announced the iPhone 5c, it was $549 off-contract, which matched the price of the year-old iPhone 5 (but without the high-quality build materials; the polycarbonate plastic on the iPhone 5c held Apple keep money in its pocket). The 1GB of RAM on the new device shouldn’t surprise us, but Apple only released 2GB of RAM in the latest high-end devices, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Prior to that, even the iPhone 6 had only 1GB of RAM – so this isn’t to be as cheap of a device as some believe it may be. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor will give this device some price when it goes on sale.

At the same time, too, Apple has had some major success with the iPhone 4 in India, so Cupertino looks to push forward with this device. At the same time, it’s quite confusing as to why Apple would name it the “iPhone 5e” and not the iPhone 6e” or iPhone 7c. Yet, if Apple adds Touch ID to the iPhone 5e as opposed to its absence on the iPhone 5c, the new nomenclature just might add up.


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