Apple iPhone 6s announcement can be seen from Safari and Edge web browsers, but not Chrome

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus announcements are on the way on September 9th. Apple will do its thing as usual, but the company will actually allow you to view the announcement on not only its native browser, Safari (whether MacBook or iOS) but also on Microsoft’s new browser, called “Edge.”

The one browser Apple won’t let in on the action is Google’s Chrome web browser.

No reason is known for it, but Apple seems to be pulling away from Google altogether. From proposing its own 3D Maps app as an alternative to Google Maps, and removing the Google search engine as the default and resorting to use Microsoft’s Bing, it’s obvious that Apple wants to rely less and less on Google as the days pass. The company said in its recent WWDC 2015 announcement about iOS 9 that it intends to honor and respect user privacy – a jab at Google, who’s Chrome web browser and Android mobile operating system are designed to sell users ads and monetize user data. Apparently, Apple feels that Google’s Chrome web browser would do nothing but monitor users and their activity while watching the announcement, and decided against the idea. It could be the case that Apple intends to never allow users to access the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus announcement on Chrome.

As of last month, Google said that it would start to eliminate Google+ mandates for its services such as the company’s unlimited cloud storage, among others. The Google+ Photos app has now been renamed “Photos,” and the company now has its sights set on removing Google+ mandatory integration from YouTube, allowing users to comment whether or not they have a Google+ account. Google is also starting to pause Flash plugins to improve battery life for its Chromebook users as well as Mac, Surface tablet, and other mobile users on other mobile devices.


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