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8 Fixes When Apple Pencil is Not Charging for 1st and 2nd Gen

Apple products are considered as one of the most popular devices which are used all over the world. One of their products that many of their customers use if their Apple pencil. Through this mentioned product, it allows its users to draw, write and mark on your other Apple device such as iPad. In fact, it is very convenient to use on a lot of things such as signing documents, sketching your ideas and jotting down notes.

Apple pencil is definitely a great device accessory. However and unfortunately, there are some reports which states that there are some users who would experience times when their Apple pencil would not charge. We understand how frustrating this could be which is why in this article, we shall feature this topic and learn more on how we could fix this mentioned issue.

How to Fix Apple Pencil Not Charging?

There are two types of Apple Pencil and they are 1st gen and 2nd gen. These two types differ from each other not only in terms of their design but also how they charge. The 1st generation charges by plugging into the iPad Lightning port while the 2nd gen could be charged wirelessly by attaching it to your iPad.

Restart Your iPad

One of the most common way to solve issues and problems in terms of technology and devices is through restarting your device and this does not exclude your Apple Pencil. Though you could not restart your Apple Pencil, you could restart your iPad and reconnect your Apple Pencil to it.

Check the Apple Pencil Connection

One of the best tips when you are charging your devices is to charge it on an even surface. This way your charging activity would not be interfered by anything. Hence, ensure that your Apple pencil is plugged into your iPad correctly and align it with the edge.

Leave the Pencil to Charge for Some Time

If you are not using your Apple pencil for quite sometime, it is possible that its battery has been drained. Hence, this means you would need to ensure that you provide some time in charging your pencil.

Charge Your iPad

For your Apple pencil to charge, your iPad must be charged as well. You must ensure that your iPad has enough power for your Apple pencil to work.

Check if the iPad Port and the Pencil Connector is Clean

There could be a time when dust could accumulate on your Apple Pencil connector which could affect the performance of your Pencil charging. Hence, we highly recommend for you to take care of your Apple pencil connector and your iPad’s lightning port.

To clean your pencil connector, use a soft cloth. This way it would not damage your connector. As for your iPad lightning port, ensure that you use a non-conductive tool such as toothpick or a small soft brush.

Reconnect the Apple Pencil

You will also have to unpair and pair again your Apple Pencil to your iPad.

  • Open settings on your iPad
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Ensure that your Bluetooth is turned on
  • On Apple Pencil option, tap the information icon
  • Select Forget This Device
  • Tap Forget Device to confirm
  • Restart your iPad
  • Reconnect your Apple Pencil
  • 1st generation – insert it in the iPad’s Lightning port
  • 2nd generation- attach to the iPad’s right edge
  • Tap Pair button on your iPad screen

Update iPadOS

  • Navigate to iPad settings
  • Go to General settings
  • Go to Software Update
  • Wait for your device to search for updates
  • Tap on Download and Install

Check Your iPad and Apple Pencil Hardware

It could also be possible that the problem lies on the hardware and if this is what causes the issue, you will have to take your Apple Pencil to authorized Apple canter to check on the issue.

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