Apple recalls Beats Pill XL bluetooth speakers over fire safety risk

Apple announced today that it is recalling all Beats Pill XL Bluetooth speakers due to a potential fire hazard. For reasons yet unknown, the battery can overheat cause a fire and safety risk. Apple asked Beats Pill XL consumers to stop using the device, and return it for a store credit or electronic payment.

So far, only eight cases have been reported by consumers in which one incident involved a burn to a user’s finger, while another caused damage to the user’s desk. Apple said that it has determined that in some rare cases, the battery can significantly overheat above normal threshold. The Beats Pill XL speakers can be identified by the presence of a ‘b’ logo (Beats logo) at the center of the speaker grill and also from the ‘beats pill XL’ written on the handle of the speakers.

Apple is currently processing returns for the speakers via a web portal where consumers of the Beats Pill XL have to fill up a request form. Any store selling Apple or Beats products will not accept any returned products from the consumers. Users who return their speakers will get a refund of $325, $26 more on top of the actual price of $299 for Beats Pill XL at Apple’s website. It looks like Apple is trying to control the aggravated feelings of consumers who bought the speakers by throwing in a bonus refund.

According to a report, the recall will affect more than 222,000 Beats Pill XL units sold throughout the US and another 11,000 units sold in Canada. Apple said that it is working on fixing the  issue to avoid any more accidents to happen. It’s too early to determine at the moment a specific time range for when Apple will restock the speaker.

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