Apple released iOS 8.1

Apple iPhone and iPad users should be excited by now as Apple’s next version of iOS known as iOS 8.1 just launched. As promised by Apple, the new iOS 8.1 brings a lot of bug fixes and updates that benefits iOS users because a lot of users have been complaining about different bugs after updating their devices to iOS 8. One of the most important update is the addition of Apple Pay feature which would allow only iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users to make a payment by tapping a pad near point of sale at a participating retailer.

Apple also brought back the Camera Roll feature that they removed in iOS 8. Apple also added iCloud Photo Library in the iOS 8.1 update with the help of which iOS users would be able to save their pictures and videos on their iCloud accounts. The way it works is that iCloud Photo Library will sync with user’s existing iCloud account and use the existing space on it. On the other hand, users will have smaller version of their pictures and videos on their iOS devices in order to save space by doing this.

Instant Hotspot is also a new features in iOS 8.1 update but users will need a Mac with OS X Yosemite installed on it in order to fully utilize this feature. SMS Relay is also a new feature with the help of which iPhone users can send messages to both iPads and Macs. Among the bugs that were fixed is the one because of which iOS devices couldn’t connect with a Bluetooth device.

As of now, it looks like Apple did address almost all major issues in the latest iOS 8.1 and also introduced the much awaited features that was not present in the previous release. Apple has already started pushing the iOS 8.1 OTA but if anyone didn’t get it, they can download it from iTunes. But before doing it, users must have to install the latest version of iTunes.

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