Apple rolls out iOS 9.3, brings new 3D Touch Shortcuts

iOS 9.3 may seem to be no different than any other upgrade, and seeing that it’s a .x update makes it appear as though it’s nothing special. At the same time, however, Apple is quietly making 3D Touch more of a force-contending software feature than we’ve ever seen before. With iOS 9.3, Apple continues to add new 3D Touch shortcuts that only increase the functionality of the feature.

In iOS 9.3, 3D Touch shortcuts Apple adds to iOS devices are 1) weather (add cities), 2) Health (dashboard, medical ID), 3) App Store (Search, Redeem, Update all apps, Purchased), 4) Stocks (Search), 5) Settings (Set Wallpaper, Battery, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), 6) Compass (Start Level, Start Compass). The most exciting addition has to be the “set wallpaper” shortcut now present for the Settings 3D Touch shortcuts, seeing that 1) you no longer have to go into settings to change your wallpaper and 2) it’s a feature that so many will find relevant.

Apple has increased the functionality of 3D Touch, but there are still functions such as changing your password, accessing your apps, and changing your passcode, etc., that aren’t available via 3D Touch. All in all, these new iOS 9.3 additions are excellent and should enhance use of the feature for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users. Additionally, Apple has added other features in iOS 9.3 such as “Notes Touch ID,” which allows users to secure their personal notes with fingerprint authentication — as always, preventing prying eyes. To find out more, you can take a look at the 3D Touch screenshots below and then check out the source link.

img_0873 img_0874 img_0875 img_0876 img_0877 img_0878


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