Apple Sapphire display supplier GT Advanced Technologies files for bankruptcy

In 2013, Cupertino tech giant Apple decided to purchase over half a billion dollars’ worth of Sapphire that was going to be constructed in to Sapphire sheets to be incorporated on the Apple’s iPhones, iPads and later, its iWatch in order to make the outer cover of the display far more scratch resistant and damage resilient compared to Corning Gorilla Glass. Unfortunately, the Sapphire manufacturing plant that was setup in Arizona to be used GT Advanced Technologies to make sapphire crystals; the company has filed for bankruptcy protection.

GT Advanced Technologies has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which states that the company will continue to operate as a separate company despite the filing of the bankruptcy protection case. In reality, the protection case is designed to help a company protect its assets and operating budget from falling in to an unending void of debt. This will allow the company to resume its restructuring, as well as re-financing its primary objectives.

As stated earlier, Sapphire glass is stronger than Gorilla Glass, and is the second strongest material on the planet, falling only behind diamond and possessing a score of 9 on the Mohs’ scale. There were several rumors zooming in that GT Advanced Technologies was going to be the firm that would supply Apple with synthetic Sapphire sheets to be incorporated in to the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, but thanks to the screens not being available to be assimilated to the iPhone 6, the company proceeded forward to engineer its own Sapphire screen product.

According to other sources, the Chapter 11 of filing bankruptcy protection might end up making the company in to an even more impressive lucrative business partner for Apple as the restructuring and re-financing process will allow GT Advanced Technologies to stabilize once more.

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