Apple to delay larger iPad Pro production till September

According to a latest report published on Bloomberg, Apple is going to delay the production of larger iPad until fall, 2015. The larger iPad is rumored to have a 12.9 inch screen and was previously expected to come in 2015 but the latest report suggests otherwise. The new iPad, also dubbed as iPad Pro, was set to go in production in the first half of 2015 but due to supply issues, the production has been pushed to September.

The idea behind a large screen iPad is to attract users of Mac OS X to boost the Apple tablet sales which have gone down over the past few months. There was a time when iPhone and iPad made up about 2/3rd of the total number of Apple sales. But now that the iPhone is breaking records and touching new heights, iPad is slipping.

There is other news about the larger iPad as well. According to WSJ, Apple is thinking of putting a USB 3.0 port and a mouse input support into the 12.9 inch iPad model. This is the first time that such a rumor has come out which directly hints at Apple building its first external input device for the rumored iPad Pro that could connect to it via USB 3.0. Also the induction of the mouse input support could mean that the rumored large screen iPad will also be able to connect with a mouse and keyboard.

Apple did announce the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 in October with better specs and faster processor but it wasn’t enough to attract more buyers. Unlike iPhones, iPad has much longer upgrade cycle which allows previous owners of iPad to pass the device to their friends and relatives if they want to upgrade or buy a new tablet. So, summing up all the above information, it does seem logical that Apple will try to make some drastic changes to its iPad lineup so that it can attract potential buyers to buying it.

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