AppLock – An Option to Password Protect your Android phone

Our smartphones give us the possibility of enjoying a wide variety of communication, entertainment and productivity applications and they have also become our most important possessions. A mobile phone holds text messages, chat conversations, photos and other valuable data that we want to keep private.

While we try to keep our devices handy, it may not always be possible to keep an eye on them and that is why the risk of unauthorized access should be considered. One of the most practical options to ensure that the confidential data on your Android phone is protected is AppLock.

AppLock by DoMobile Lab is a convenient solution that has been chosen by millions of Android users who want to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their privacy is safe, even if someone else gets a hold of their phone. AppLock gives you greater control over your privacy and it protects text messages, contact lists, your Facebook, Gmail accounts, photos, videos and more.

This app is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their information safe, even if their phone is used or checked by others. You can let your kids play games on your phone without worrying about them accessing unsuitable apps, accidentally deleting messages or changing your settings. Even if you leave your phone unattended at home or at work, you would not need to be concerned about anyone secretly checking your device. Here is how AppLock can keep the data on your phone secure.

How does it work

The impressive success of AppLock is easy to understand when you see its stunning and user friendly interface. The app looks great and it offers features that will help you to safeguard your privacy effectively. The recognition that AppLock has earned as the best Android app locker available is justified by a perfect combination of top performance, ease of use and beautiful design.

Since our smartphones are our companions anywhere we go, they contain private text messages, photos, videos, important contacts, details of the websites we visit on internet, the apps we use and everything else. An app like AppLock becomes crucial when we want to make sure that our private data is hidden from prying eyes. AppLock is a top option to manage the security of your apps and files.

With AppLock it is possible to set a password, a pattern or a combination of both to protect an application and avoid unwanted access to it. It also protects your emails, contacts list and it prevents any changes to your settings. This will ensure that apps are not installed, or uninstalled without your consent. You can also protect your photos and videos and manage access to them.

AppLock enables you to hide specific pictures from your gallery and lock them behind a pin. Only you will be able to see the private images and videos kept in the Photo/Video Vault. Furthermore, the AppLock icon can also be concealed and the app cannot be uninstalled and it is not interrupted by task killer. Here is a list of what you can get from AppLock.


  • Option to change the locks
  • Password/Pattern protection for any app
  • Photo and Video vault to hide your private pictures and videos
  • Customization options for the background
  • Quick lock/ unlock widget
  • Quick lock switcher on status bar
  • Lock for outgoing or incoming calls
  • The Lock system settings can be adjusted
  • Lock Google Play Store to avoid unauthorized downloads or purchases


AppLock can be downloaded for free and it is available in 24 languages. There is a Pro version ($1.99) that is ad-free and that offers additional features like automatic lock at an specific location or time and random keyboard. You can expect additional options in the future including guest log, online backup and more. AppLock offers smooth, light performance and it doesn’t drain your battery. It is designed to be a simple and effective solution to enhance the privacy of your Android device and it succeeds at this task.

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