Best Apps for Downloading and Managing Music files for iPhone and iPad

Enjoying music on the go with high quality audio is possible when you use the right apps on your iPhone or iPad. iTunes Radio is a built-in solution that allows you to play music, but it is failry basic. Although Apple has removed from the App Store many apps that are specifically designed to download music, there are still options available that allow you to access and manage your favorite songs on your iOS device. Some of the apps in this list are not only great for music, but can also help you to manage other media files effectively. Here are the most convenient options to listen to music on your iDevice.


Spotify is a highly popular service for music fans, and it is also one of the best options. It offers an extensive catalog of songs and it supports great features that will allow you to enjoy a fantastic listening experience. The collection of music that Spotify offers includes artist, bands and full albums and it covers many different genres. The free option features ads and you can only skip songs a limited amount of times. The premium plan allows you to play any song at any time, even if you don’t have an internet connection and it delivers higher quality of sound. Spotify also creates playlists specially designed for you, based in the music that you listen to.

Amazon Music

Amazon also offers a great music streaming solution that lets you enjoy the music that you love, anywhere you are. You can access millions of songs and there are new releases added every week. Amazon Music gives you the possibility of discovering new music and you can browse through playlists and stations specially created by the service. You can enjoy an ad-free experience and skip songs as often as you want. The service is available for free when you have an Amazon Prime membership, and you can enjoy additional features if you get Amazon Music Unlimited. The Unlimited option allows you to download music to your mobile device so that you can play it at any time.

Freegal Music

Freegal Music by Library Ideas allows you to access a collection of millions of songs in MP3 format. All the content is available for free and it includes songs by popular artists, classics and music from around the globe. Freegal allows you to listen to a great variety of songs legally and it is an easy to use solution to enjoy great music on your iOS device. After you download the app, you can check if your local library supports the Freegal service. If they do and you have a valid library card, you can enjoy access to a vast selection of MP3s.


Pandora is a radio station that offers a personalized listening experience. The paid version called Pandora One, gives you the possibility of enjoying music without ads and it offers a set amount of skips. Pandora is a well-recognized and affordable service and it enjoys a high level of popularity. Unfortunately, it is only available in the United States, New Zealand and Australia, but you can use a VPN or a proxy service to access it. It is very easy to use and allows you to discover new music that matches your taste. Pandora allows you to set several playlists and you can use multiple devices to avoid the skip limits.

Total: Browser with File Manager and Cloud Storage Support

App Ideas’ Total Downloader is a practical solution to manage all your data. It lets you decompress zip and rar files without hassle and you can download multiple files at the same time, pause them and restart them whenever needed. With this app, you can also organize files in the archives, create password protected folders and subfolders. It supports remote file storing thanks to its integration with OneDrive, Webdav, Dropbox and more services. You can manage multiple cloud accounts from a single location. What makes Total Downloader ideal for music fans is the fact that it supports real-time streaming so you can listen to the songs you have stored in your cloud accounts. You can also download files while the app runs in the background. The Pro version costs $3.99, but there is also a free solution available.

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