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Are you looking for an easy way to get extra cash to pay for gifts, trips and other things you want? If so, you will be happy to know that there are apps that actually allow you to earn money. You may need to complete a few simple tasks, but all the apps that you will find in this list, allow you to get money without investing a lot of time and effort. You can choose one of them, or use multiple apps to increase your earnings. Here are the options that we recommend.


If you are good with general knowledge and you love trivia, try Swagbucks, a free app that allows you to earn money for answering questions, or just completing tasks online that you are likely doing now anyway. You can collect points by visiting sites and Swagbucks will reward you with gift cards that you can use in a wide selection of stores. It is a very simple and effective solution loved by millions of people around the world. You can download the app for free and earn points that will allow you spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars buying what you want.


MyFlexBot is a groundbreaking app that has redefined the landscape of the gig economy, specifically targeting drivers with its innovative and dynamic approach. This revolutionary tool serves as a virtual companion, providing drivers with unparalleled support and guidance throughout their journeys. With its intuitive algorithms and advanced data analytics, MyFlexBot empowers drivers by offering real-time insights into the most profitable routes, traffic conditions, and demand patterns. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, the platform optimizes driver earnings and minimizes downtime, transforming the driving experience into a lucrative and fulfilling endeavor. Furthermore, MyFlexBot goes beyond mere profitability and takes driver well-being into account, providing personalized recommendations for rest breaks, healthy meal options, and stress reduction techniques. By prioritizing driver satisfaction and success, MyFlexBot has become an indispensable ally, offering a seamless fusion of convenience, prosperity, and self-care in the world of transportation.


Paribus allows you to get money back, in case an item that you previously bought is now available for a lower price. If the price has dropped, Paribus will notify you and you can get a refund for the amount of extra money that you paid when you bought the item online. After signing up for Paribus, your emails will be scanned for any purchase receipts from a wide range of online shops. Paribus tracks the price of the items you have bought and will help you to get a refund is the item’s price is decreased. Paribus is completely free and it enables you to get money back.

Long Game

Long Game lets you play and enjoy wonderful rewards as you save money. This FDIC insured financial service, lets you earn interests on your savings and get rewards as you get to your goal. When you download the app and create an account, you can deposit money and earn interest on it. Long Game doesn’t ask for any fees and doesn’t take money from your deposits. You can withdraw the money whenever you want and get coins, depending on the amount of money that you have saved in your Long Game account. The coins can be used to play slot games that allow you to earn more money. There are incredible prizes of up to $1,000,000 USD. They also offer the chance to earn cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin and Ether.


Seated is the perfect app for people who enjoy dining out. If you go to restaurants on a regular basis, Seated will allow you to earn money for doing so. Just download the app, book a table, enjoy your meal and earn rewards. You can get up to 30% back whenever you dine out using Seated. Every time you dine out, you will get Seated dollars, a currency that you can change for gift cards and VIP experiences. Seated relies on the fact that restaurants want to attract new customers and keep their existing ones coming back for more.


Do you walk a lot, or do you want to start walking so that you can get fit? Then using Sweatcoin is a win-win deal for you because it lets you earn money by walking! Yes, just like you read it, this app pays you for walking, which is something that you are probably doing already anyway. Sweatcoin tracks and verifies your outdoor steps with the help of your phone’s accelerators and GPS location. The steps are then converted to Sweatcoins, the currency used by the app. You can use Sweatcoins to pay for services, electronic gadgets, courses and more. The more steps you take in a day, the more Sweatcoins you can earn.


Here is another app that will allow you to get money just by doing things that you would do on a regular day. In this case, Trunow will help you to get money back on gas. It allows you to find deals on gas station purchases, including gasoline prices and restaurants. You don’t need to do anything beyond what you normally do, just buy the things that you normally buy and get money back for doing so. Trunow is free and to get your money back, you just need to submit your gas station receipts.


With OhmConnect, you can earn money and save energy at the same time. This free service allows you to use energy when it is clean and sustainable. It also rewards you when you don’t use energy and help to preserve the environment. Every week, you get a notification to save energy and when you do, you can receive money. The app supports multiple energy suppliers and your utility plan is not affected. You can stop using the service whenever you want. OhmConnect will let you know when your energy is at its cleanest so that you can use it. If you don’t use energy when it is dirty, you can get cash and win great prizes.


Ibotta gives you money back on grocery stores. This means that you can receive money just by buying things that you get on a daily basis. To get cash back, all you need to do is to take photos of your shopping receipts. It is a very practical solution that can help you to get back a lot of money. Just submit your receipt and soon you can start getting funds back on the items you buy.


So there you have it. Here is the list of the apps that allow you to earn a side income, get extra money or just make the purchases that you want, without using your daily expenses funds. The apps in this list work in a different way, but they all have one thing in common and that is that they are practical and effective solutions to make extra cash.

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