Best Apps for Adding Text to Your Photos

Adding text to your pictures or photos could bring more life to your images. It could also convey your messages on your art, greeting cards and the like. If you are one of those who love to use text on your pictures, then you came to the right place as through this article, we will feature and list the best apps for adding texts to your images which you could choose from.

1. Word Swag

Word Swag is an app which allows you to place text over your image. It could also cut your image and create something new with your old photo. It could provide wondrous special effect on your photo. It offers different colors, background brightness and transparency features. In addition to that this app has a variety of styles and badges which you could choose from.

This app comes with an easy to use and simple interface which you would definitely enjoy and appreciate.


2. Pronto

Pronto is another amazing free app option which you could use on your pictures, images and photos. They provide and offer a variety of different decorative texts, fonts and effects like thought bubbles, badges and placards. Through Pronto you could also customize your texts through different colors and angles which are featured in this app. Moreover, you will definitely love the built-in stenciled letters, shapes and cut-out effects of this app.

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3. Typic

This app is famous for its different versions offered- Free, Kids and Plus. Typic allows you to edit your images, pictures and cards. You could view how your image would look like and customize its text through its size, shadows, etc. You could also align your text either to the right, left and center. In addition to that, they also offer various colors and design elements which will beautify and enhance the look of your work.


4. Over

Over is the most versatile and one of the best app options. It is flexible and is easy to use. All you have to do is to choose the photo you would like to add a text to then click add text or add artwork. Type the text you would like to add on your photo then choose your preferred color. Aside from that, you will also be presented with different editing option such as alignment, text size, kerning, etc.


5. Font Candy

Font Candy is an app that could make masking a very easy task to do compared to doing it on other programs like Photoshop. It offers different colors and effects. Through Font Candy, you could also adjust the size and mix different fonts and words easily and could even add color washes to your photo.


6. BubbleFrame

BubbleFrame is another app that you could use to add text to your photos. It allows its users to create layouts with texts and use its complex built-in bubble templates which would surely make your photo look more beautiful. Through this app, you will be able adjust, move and mix pictures and videos in an image. In addition to that, you could also choose huge or large fonts and design your image according to your taste and choice.


7. PicLab

Though PicLab is a photo editor, it also offers a feature that allows its users to add texts in different decorative fonts. It also allows its users to customize the text’s size and allows it to be rotated and adjust its opacity.

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8. WordFoto

WordFoto is an amazing option that could make your image stand out through its great typographic features. It comes with preset styles and also provides the option of being able to customize your own work through mixing up the text background and foreground. It also allows you to play with colors, blur, images and even the saturation.


9. Stickr

If you want to create or make your photo look amazing by adding a text without exerting too much effort, then, Stickr is your best option. It offers different types of colors and comes with about 300 designs. It also allows its users to customize their texts through color, filtering effects, cropping, shapes, designs and even paint.

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