Best Apps that All NBA Basketball Fans Need on Their Phones

Whenever NBA season starts, everyone’s on the edge of their seats. The season has about 82 games and 15 teams fighting to get into finals and win the final game. Bets are being done right and left and since it is difficult to watch all the games at home, one way to check your basketball games is through these amazing apps:

1. TheScore

There are times that with all the 82 games, you will doze off and miss some games. Do not fret as TheScore will let you set up custom alerts which will alarm you on the games that matters to you. It also provides you newsworthy events that has happened on the court and off court as well. What a better way to monitor the NBA games – yes the answer is through TheScore!

2. NBA Game Time

NBA game is another best way for you to know all of what’s happening, the ins and outs of the season. This app also alerts you whenever your favorite teams or player does something worth watching. Through this app, you will be able to get live stats on every game and even watch video highlights. Another amazing thing about this app is it lets you subscribe to League Pass which allows you to streams games straight to the app.

3. Pro Basketball Pocket Reference

This app is probably one of the most reliable and efficient app for NBA information. It provides its users advanced metrics for statistical analysis. It also provides you a foresight of each individual’s performance which could affect games. Through this app, you will be able to track your favorite players. This app is perfect for those who are highly concerned about stats. This app is filled with data not only for the current season but also from its past seasons. This means, you could track and even predict game results using old information and data.

4. NBA Jam

There are times when basketball gets a little bit boring, however, sometimes basketball often times gets associated with street basketball where players could pull of amazing, interesting and off the edge, incredible moves. If you want to see and be in both worlds of professional basketball and street basketball, NBA Jam is the perfect app for you. This

app is a game which offers you current players and graphics. This app is perfect for those who love NBA and playing the game itself.

5. RotoWire Fantasy Basketball Kit

We are very sure that there are times you get to fantasize about your favorite teams and NBA games. Though it is very unlikely for you to be an NBA player, a GM, or even a coach, you could pretend to be one through this app. Through this app, you could draft your own team and play your winning team according to your preference. This app will definitely recommend to you which are all the best players which will help you plan on how to win the league.

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