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There are a lot of online stores that cater different fashionable products such as sneakers or shoes. There are shoes that are affordable and there are shoes that are expensive and branded. Though there are shoes that are within your budget, it is still important that you purchase it at a source that is well trusted and that can ensure you that shoes they sell are original and genuine products.

As with any product, before purchasing, it is highly recommended and important to research. By doing so, you will be up to date on the latest released products and you will see which designs that would suit your taste.

For the latest branded shoes that are within budget and are affordable, here are the following apps that you could trust and use to purchase original and genuine products:

1. KicsOnFire

KicsOnFire or more popularly known as KOF is an app that sells newly released shoes. This app could be found on Google Play Store. This app comes with information on every product they feature on their app. It also has the ability to zoom the picture of their product for easier scrutiny. Furthermore, if you wish to share any detail about a product that this app features, you may do so by sharing it on any social media platform.

This app also comes with a bookmark feature that allows you to save the details and picture of the product you are interested in. Through the said feature, you will not have a hard time looking for your favorite product should the time comes you have decided to purchase it.

As for its interface, this app is easy to use. You could browse through their list of products based on the most popular or the hottest or trending shoes they offer.

2. Sneakers Release Dates

If you wish to know when your favorite brand will release a new model or style, Sneakers Release Dates is for you. All you have to do is to download this program and run it from Devverse. This app is easy to access as it does not require any registration to use it.

Once it has been downloaded, you could open it and you will able to access a slideshow list of upcoming different models of sneakers or shoes. Though most of the shoes featured in this app are still upcoming, if a product is already available, you will be able to purchase it through this app. Moreover, through this app, you will also be able to find the hottest deals on shoes.

3. Goat

Goat is an app that allows buying and selling branded shoes. This app ensures its users that its sellers are legit as they verify all the merchants prior to allowing them to join their app.

This app only allows selling of genuine branded sneakers and all the products sold looks exactly as the pictures they show in this app. So, if you are looking for legitimate, original branded shoes, this app is for you as they cater about 74000 plus original branded styles of sneakers and rubber shoes.

4. JD Sports

JD Sports is a Chinese e-Commerce company. As a lot of US companies manufacture their products in China, you can be assured that through this app, you will be able to find affordable, cheaper legit branded sneakers. Moreover, you can be assured as this company also exports products to Europe.

This app has about 1000 listed types of branded shoes. They also have 360 degree pictures and videos of their products.

5. Kixify

This app is a great JD Sports alternative. However, before being able to browse the products this app offers, you will need to register and open a new account.

Kixify has around 20 plus popular branded products featured on their app and whenever they have a new product, they send notifications to their users. Moreover, aside from new products, this app also offers vintage shoes.

6. Sneakers

This app could be accessed and viewed even when you are offline. Furthermore, this app also comes with top stories and news section.

Moreover, the app itself is easy to use and allows its users to message one another. You could also chat in their forum and also like other apps, Sneakers have pictures and videos of the products they sell.

7. Nike SNKRS shoe app

Want to know the latest and newest product of Nike? Try checking it out at SKNRS app. As reviews have supported the fact of this app being one of the best, we could assure you that you will not go wrong with downloading and trying this app.

SNKRS comes with notifications about Nike’s upcoming products. It also allows its users to share videos and photos with friends on social media. Moreover, this app conducts daily contest and its winners could get an expensive pair of sneakers for free.

8. Adidas Confirmed

If Nike has its own app, Adidas will not go far behind as they also have their own app as well. Adidas Confirmed app is available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store. To browse their app, you will need to create an account with them.

Once you have an account, you will be able to explore and view the most popular and their latest products. Moreover, through this app, you will be able to order and purchase a pair of your favorite sneakers online and pick it up at any Adidas store near you.

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