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Solving Math problems could be difficult and challenging for some and wouldn’t it be great if there is a way or something to make these Math problems easier to solve? Fortunately, there are apps that could make this task easier. One app that usually comes into mind is Cymath.

Cymath is an app that comes with fine approaches that provides convenient and alternative solutions to math problems and it makes complicated problems easier to solve. All you have to do is to type the problem as it is stated then the app will provide you step by step process and give you alternative ways to solve the problem. This app could also assist you with math problems that are extremely hard to solve or those that are in the high levels of difficulty.

Cymath is widely used and has millions of subscribers. This app could help you face math problems such as factoring, complex numbers, logarithms, quadratic equations, partial fraction, Polynomial Division, passing numerical reasoning tests and many more. It could also help you in Calculus topics such as product, chain rule, etc. and though Cymath is a great app to help you with your math problems, there are other apps that are very similar which you could try as an alternative or other option should Cymath would and could not work in assisting your needs.

1. Mathway

If you need a tool that has it all or is an all in one solution for all your math mysteries and problems, then Mathway is the best partner for you. This app provides quick and precise answers to any mathematical problems that you might have and at the same time it lets you learn theories behind each problem by elaborating mathematical explanations for each problem. Moreover, this app ensures you understand the solution by showing you useful ways and step by step method on how to solve problems and mysteries.

2. WolframAlpha

Created by Wolfram Group who has numerous educational related products, you could be assured that you are in good hands with this app. Their app could help you solve any mathematical problems may it be elementary Math, Matrices, Geometry, Calculus, Algebra, Discrete Math, Applied Math, plotting and many more. Name it and it could help you with it. Aside from math, this app could also help you with other science subjects such as Chemistry, Physics and a lot more.

3. Socratic

Need help in your homework? Socratic is the best help you could get. It is an app that reduces the effort needed to accomplish your homework tasks. It makes complicated problems into simple problems with easy to understand solutions and straightforward step by step instructions.

4. Calculator Plus

Calculator Plus is marketed by Digitalchemy, LCC and this app is perfect tool for you Android or iPhone devices. It is a handy and user-friendly calculating application which shows and offers extraordinary features aside from simple calculator use. This app makes your calculations easier by being able to fetch your previous history calculations and it remembers each of the calculations you’ve made in this app. This app is perfect for day to day use such as shopping, groceries, homework, calculating taxes and balancing checkbooks.

5. Symbolab

This app is an education related app that could serve as your private math tutor. It could assist you and help you solve problems such as limits, integrals, equations and many more. It makes the steps less complicated by elaborating each explanation or steps in solving a specific problem.

6. Addi

Addi is a corbin Champion tool that offers more than a simple scientific calculator. This app includes the ability to be able to fix gigantic and complex problems. Aside from that, this app is a Java-based and open source application which means it allows its users to be able to solve any problem without any advertisements.

7. yHomework

This app is created and introduced by Math Undergroud. yHomwork make complicated problems such as graphs and inequalities simpler and shows you a simpler way how to solve those problems. This app is widely used by students to help them solve homework math problems.

8. MalMath

This tool or app is amazing at giving you solutions to your math problems. It provides its users step by step elaboration. It also includes graphical views and illustrates solutions related to all math problems. This app could solve all types of levels of math difficulties.

9. Math Tricks

Math Tricks is another great option that could help you and assist you in solving your mathematical problems. The app is said to be designed efficiently and has helped millions of its users in learning mathematical tricks and helps them enhance their skills in solving mathematical problems and mysteries.

10. Wabbitemu

This app provides a Texas Instruments graphing calculator within your reach and is exact on your palm. This app is compatible and supports TI-86, TI-73, TI-81, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, TI-84, TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition and many more. This app could solve critical and difficult issues through straightforward, efficient, precise and quick approach.

11. Fraction Calculator Plus

Fraction Calculator Plus is a great app that provides elaborated step by step and in-depth detailed explanations regarding difficult fraction problems. This is another app that is made by Digitalchemy, LCC. and this app is used by many users worldwide including students, teachers, parents, etc.

12. Math Workout

Math Workout helps its users to think quickly and extraordinarily on how to solve math-related problems. It delivers sets of brain training exercises and effective math drills that helps develop logical thinking, efficient and precise math- solving skills. If you want to enhance your math problem solving capabilities, this app is perfect for you.


Mathematics is a difficult subject for most people but with the right tools, learning and solving mathematical problems could be fun and easy. It is highly suggested that you get one of the apps mentioned above to help, assist you and to enhance and develop your math solving skills and capabilities

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