Best Apps Like Flipagram

Flipagram is a photo and video sharing app which allows its users to edit and make videos and photos into slideshows, add special effects like lip-syncing, making your video into slow motion and add music. This app is a perfect partner for those who loves to post videos and photos in social media platforms such as Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and many more.

Unfortunately, Flipagram together with Musically were acquired by Toutiao. Flipagram has been rebranded and transformed into Vigo Video. Though, there aren’t much changes, this has worried Flipagram’s users and some, unfortunately, became uncomfortable. Thus, they have started looking into other apps that have similar functions as Flipagram and hence, we have decided to feature the best top 10 apps like Flipagram which you could explore and try using.

1. PicFlow

PicFlow is a platform where you could make astounding picture and video slideshows. It is an app which allows its users to work on a wide array of customizable options. One favorite feature of users of PicFlow is its ability to control photo and slide time which any user could apply on his or her pictures.

If you are not into slideshow tools, this app is still considered as one of the best especially for editing pictures. You could use pictures from your phone or computer files. This way, it will be easier to upload and edit pictures. PicFlow is definitely perfect tool to improve your selfies. This app is compatible and available on iOS, Android and desktop.

2. InstaShot

Specifically made for Instagram, InstaShot allows its users to create music and video slideshows through the app itself and then would allow you to post on Instagram instantly. In this app, you will be able to resize and insert images, add text to your videos and edit them without sweat. For easier process, you could take pictures through the app and publish them directly to any social media of your choice.

One of the best assets of InstaShot is its ability to compress videos which comes in handy specially whenever you come across some of the social media’s rules on video limitations.

3. FlipJam

Very similar to Flipagram, FlipJam is proud of its photo and video editing features. It allows its users to flip their uploaded videos or pictures and create them into mashups, slideshows, draw, collages and many more.

This app was created by the popular designers of PicCandy, another worldwide top ten photo app. This means, we could guarantee you that you will enjoy using this app. It comes with clean and easy to use interface and its style and design is similar to Tumblr.

FlipJam comes with the ability to post its users’ pictures and videos to their social media. It is one of the most used apps in creating music videos and slideshows. All one has to do is to sync their pictures or videos to the beat of the music of their choice.

Editing in this app is as easy as one, two, three. Just tap and drag or drop and your file will be edited. With this app, you could surely enjoy editing and creating new pictures and videos.

4. VideoFX Live

Most of the best apps that are similar to Flipagram, have both photo and video features, but it does not mean that apps that only have a video feature could not compare and level up to those that have both features. One example of this is VideoFX Live.

VideoFX Live is easy to use and comes with a wide array of editing tools. Through this app, you will be able to bring life to your videos by adding music or if you want to do something crazier, you could use the green screen effect.

This app does not require setting up, all you have to do is press the record and tap the other options to operate and control your video. In this app, you wouldn’t have a hard time to edit or cut scenes as you could just continue videoing right where you left off. Your videos could be sent and uploaded to any social media platforms or if you wish you could share them through email.

5. BeFunky Pro

If VideoFX Live only offers video editing tools, BeFunky Pro on the other hand, caters solely to photos. It comes with extensive editing tools such as collage, effects and enhancement features. Though this also is included in most of photo editor apps, BeFunky rises up to the level of high-quality photography apps that come with a cost while BeFunky on the other hand is free. If you wish to have an app that provides high quality edited picture results, download and use BeFunky Pro.

6. Animoto

Once your videos and pictures have been uploaded in Animoto, you could start creating unique videos through your mobile phone. This app may not be the first choice of professional videographers, but it is perfect for newbies or beginners and intermediate level. This app provides clear and useful editing tools that will surely make your videos and photos look perfect.

Animoto offers free use of this application to those who are in the education industry and it also offers Animoto Plus for classroom use. This app is great option for everyday use and it also ensures safety and security.

7. Slideshow Maker

Slideshow Maker is a desktop video editing software which comes and includes tech extras that everyone will surely enjoy. Its features could definitely compare to Flipagram. It comes with instant play video features, music, effects and many more.

Slideshow Maker is perfect for those who love to compose and edit videos for YouTube. It could also be used for work presentations and it also allows you to save many photos in different forms.

8. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a popular free app which comes with numerous positive reviews. This app is usually used for making collages. Unfortunately, this app didn’t quite make it to a professional level or grade in terms of other features but even with that said, this app has about 890,000 #vivavideo posts on Instagram. This only means that this app is one of the most trusted apps by photo and video editors.

9. VStudio

If you are an avid user of Vine and Youtube, this app is for you. This app comes with the best video editing tools that caters the mentioned sites above. It could change your video’s lighting and contrast. It also allows its users to record their own voice for a voice over for their videos and lastly it also could accommodate music.

10. Meipai

Meipai is another great option for editing and putting some changes on your videos. It offers its users to put creative stuff on their videos through its editing tools. They offer themes and effects such as princesses, villains, fairies, heroes and many more.

This app definitely caters not only adults but also children.


… and that concludes our article on best apps like Flipagram. We hope we were able to provide you amazing options which could help you edit your videos and photos into amazing, creative projects that you could proudly post on your social media accounts.

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